Watch Gang – An honest review

So, if you’re interested in watches and spend any time searching for new ones – you’ve seen the advertisements for Watch Gang (watchgang.com).  It’s a subscription service where you receive a new watch every month for $29 plus shipping the – they have a premium level now also Watch Gang Black $99 plus shipping – with some automatic models.  They also talk about the fact that they give away a Rolex every week to some members picked at random.

Now first let me say that the subscription was paid for by signing up – there was no compensation for this review.  With my birthday coming up this past February – and as much as I like watches – I mentioned to my wife that this could be a good gift and she signed me up.

I had done some research on the Watch Gang service and saw many pictures of the type of watches they had sent in the past – all looked good, something that I would wear and seemed like a decent service that I wanted to try out.

I received my first watch in February – it arrived in the mail the week of 2/20.  The packaging was a plain brown box with a Watch Gang sticker on it.



The packaging is a little underwhelming – compared to some images I saw online describing the service that showed a branded white box and tissue inside like a gift.

The watch I received is from Morphic – see the pictures below.




Morphic model M3103


Honestly – it’s a strange watch – there are large lugs with screws at 3 and 9 on the face- not very comfortable to wear.  I think the real issue I have with it is that all the pictures I saw on Instagram and Facebook as examples of Watch Gang watches – all looked nice and something that I would wear and enjoy.  This watch does not fit that description.

So I chalked up the first month to giving it a try and looked forward to the watch for March.

when the third week in March came around – another box arrived in the mail from Watch Gang.  It was the same cardboard packaging as the first month and here’s what was inside.


Very generic box


This watch is from Argenti – I couldn’t find the model shown on their website.  This watch is better than the first month – but I was still underwhelmed in comparison to the images I had seen in the Watch Gang promotional material.

After this watch – I stopped my subscription – I didn’t feel like I was getting a product that I would wear.  My advice to someone thinking about trying Watch Gang would be to save the money you would spend on 2-3 months of this service and get a nice starter watch for your collection for between $60-$100 and you would be able to pick it out.

Just as a couple suggestions – this is a nice  Seiko or this is a Stuhrling I really like..

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  1. Thank you for the honest review. Thank you even more for allowing it to be a true blind review (WatchGang had no idea, in other words). I’ve read a lot of mixed reviews. Either really good, or really bad. I’ve seen WaychGang go on the offensive when their products are even slightly knocked. After reading about this next issue, I actively searched for, and easily found, personal attacks on Facebook. Apparently, if you knock anything about the company on Facebook, not only will you get barraged by insults from other members, you will be constantly barraged by IMs. Harassment always leads to loyal customers, right?

    Anyway, as if my own findings weren’t enough to deter me, your review was extremely helpful in opening my eyes to what I would really receive as a member.

    Thank you for your time.


    • Glad I could help – I can only comment truthfully on my experience. My suggestion would be to save a few months of what you would spend for the subscription and then go buy a nice watch that you pick out. Thanks for the comments.


    • It’s not worth it. You will just have undesirable watches sitting in your dresser. They also do not stand behind their cheap watches on their flash sale. Lots of dishonesty and I’m done.

      • Thanks for sharing your comments. Hopefully you’ve found some interesting watches to add to your collection outside of Watch Gang.

    • Yes – I definitely found a drop off in the watches I personally received vs. the pictures I saw online.

      Thanks -Jeff

  2. I had a good experience with Watch Gang at first. About 3 months in, they started sending out terrible quality watches, hundreds of people complained and canceled. Then the way they started treating people got me close to the edge. They put out fake ads all over Facebook with pictures of watches that are $15,000, that they’ll never send out. Their Rolex giveaways are rigged, just watch one sometime and everytime its someone the owner knows or a foreign name will pop up and win. They have a group called Watch Gang Exchange which has around 10,000 fake bot profiles to try and make them look good. They charge you $10 for shipping on top of the profit they already make, talk about money hungry. They have a spinning watch wheel which you pay $45 a spin, and get the same cheap overstocked watch you get for a $29.99 subscription. To me this company is money hungry. Don’t believe me, try it yourself.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience. Again – I think it’s best for someone to save the money they would spend on a few months of Watch Gang and then buy a quality, reasonably priced watch that you also get to pick out.

  3. Would you, or have you done this kind of review for wrist society? It seams wrist society has been around a couple of years, and unlike watchgang there are no horrible reviews that I can find.

    • I have looked into wrist society (wristsociety.com) but have not subscribed or purchased anything from them yet. I plan to write an article about this service in the future so keep checking back. Thanks for the comments and suggestion.


  4. I have 40-50 watches in my collection. Everything from Quartz to Automatics. My taste range from Diver styles or older classic styles. I do prefer Automatics, or perpetual solar watches. So, I got an email from WatchGang. I bought into them and decided that I would try it for a while. The first watch was a quartz from Simplify. Nothing very outstanding nor expensive, but still presentable. The second one was a nice Aubert Freres 1809 aviator style. Both are quartz. The Freres is by far the best and was certainly worth the monthly fee. Not being very impressed, I quit. However, it is my opinion that for a slightly higher price and by saving a couple of months worth of membership, one can do much better by selecting a watch of your own choosing that may be on sale. Recently, I happened across a Szanto automatic on Amazon.com for $105.00. The same models elsewhere on Amazon with a different face color were as much as 370.00. I have had it now for a couple of weeks and love it much more than the WatchGang offerings. I recently won an ebay bid on another automatic watch from Kronen & Sohne for $25.00 that I found on the internet for as much as $400.00. It hasn’t arrived yet but it is a beauty by all the reviews and pictures.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience. What you describe is exactly what I would want people to do. Instead of signing up for a service like this – take a little time to learn about the different types of watches available in the market – save what would be a few months of a service like this and buy a quality watch that you’ve researched and picked out. It’s the best way to start a collection of watches – or buy one watch that you use everyday.
      Thanks -Jeff

  5. Thanks for the article, I almost bought into the hype of Watch Gang. My anniversary watch that I got from my wife broke, and was under repairable. So I came across the ad for watch gang. I was very intrigued, but wary and wanted to take the time to find a nice one that will last and look good as well. Thanks for the advice. I think I will save what I use for a subscription and put it towards something I will enjoy.

    • I’m glad I could help – I really think that’s the best way to go – research some watches and save for a couple months to get something that you really like and will wear all the time – then a couple months later maybe you buy another and you start to build your own collection.
      Thanks for the comments -Jeff

  6. I’ve been with watch gang for 3 months now and can’t tell you how happy I’ve been. I am in the black subscription level (99) and haven’t gotten a watch I haven’t worn at least once a week (my rotation is larger….48 watches ,so this actually says a lot). And the exchange isn’t bots. I’ve been part of it now for 2 weeks. Over 20000 members and you can trade, buy and or sell your watches there. It’s awesome. And quite addicting! Give them a shot. But don’t waste your money on the lowest subscription level. From the photos I’ve seen…those are not so great. But the higher levels all seem to be awesome. Anyway. Just another side of the coin…with the Facebook exchange group, you can usually swap someone if you get a color or model you do not like. Have a great night. Andy

    • Thanks for the information on the Black subscription level – it sounds like you are happy with it – but also in agreement that the standard subscription level is a waste of money. I have not tried the Black level – I think you’ll get some automatic movements and higher end watches – but also at a higher price per month. Thanks for the counterpoint – it seems like the consensus is still that the base level watches are not worth it.

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