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Torgoen is a brand of professional pilot watches that are Swiss made – using Swiss movements.  It is a US based brand and the watches are designed by pilots.  That being said – you don’t have to be a pilot to purchase or enjoy these watches.  I think the styling cues, details and materials that are inspired by aviation make great looking watches that anyone can enjoy.

The pictures below show two of their watches that I recommend checking out.

Torgoen Model T16

Torgoen T16                              

The highlights of this watch are as follows:

  • Swiss Quartz ETA G10.211 Chronograph Movement
  • Stainless Steel Case
  • Screw Down Stainless Steel Back
  • Brown Italian Leather Strap w/Brushed Stainless Steel buckle
  • K1 Hardex crystal
  • Long Lasting Luminescence Dial
  • Water Resistant to 100m (330ft)

The beige face and brown leather give this watch a vintage feel.  If that’s not what you’re into – this is also available with a black dial – and you can get a stainless steel band also.  The large hands and numbers are inspired by aviation dials and make this watch standout.  Go to the website and take a look at this watch – I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Torgoen Model T20

Torgoen T20


The highlights of this watch are:

  • GMT/Dual Time
  • ISA 8176 movement
  • Alarm
  • Big Date Window
  • Stainless Steel Case & Strap

I really like the colors of this watch – if orange is not your thing – it’s available in other colors (blue, red and green) – check out the website for those options.

Some of you may be saying “GMT/Dual Time” – what’s that?  What it means is that the watch has the ability to show the time in 2 time zones – independently.  In addition to the typical hour and minute hands – there’s an orange hand that keeps track of a separate time in 24 hr format.  This hand will go around once in 24 hours – keeping track of that secondary time zone.  This is great for travelling  – you’ll always know what time it is at home (I have a GMT watch that I use for this purpose – and it’s very useful).  The GMT refers to Greenwich Mean Time – it has become a shorthand for a watch like this – because pilots use GMT for communication to eliminate confusion and typically leave the secondary time zone set that way.

Interesting fact – the Torgoen T16 watch is worn by Richard Branson – the man behind Virgin Galactic. So while you may not be able to live like a billionaire  – you can share a little of his lifestyle by wearing the same watch.

UPDATE 4/17/17:

I have the T16 model.  It’s a great watch and gets a lot of comments when I wear it.  I highly recommend this watch – and Torgoen in general.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think about Torgoen watches – or ask a question if you have one.



  1. This is one great review on Torgoen watches. I like how you went about give out all the information in relation to the watches. Giving us all the specs and all that.

    What I will like to know is how much does it cost and is the shipping done to all countries?

    • Thanks for the comments. They do ship internationally with payment through Paypal or bank wire. The price for these watches are: T16103 – $410 and T20201 – $550. I would suggest you try the Ebay link in my post for pricing also (that’s the Torgoen official store) – when available there are some good deals.

      Thanks, Jeff

  2. Water Resistant to 100m…you sure don’t need to be a pilot to use on of these. It’s too bad that first one doesn’t have a rotating bezel. With those large numbers on the face it would work great as a dive watch.

    Do they make any models with a rotating bezel that could be used for diving as well?

    • I don’t think they make any specific dive watches. If that’s what you’re looking for – check out my review on the Seiko SKX007 here – that’s a great dive watch. Thanks for visiting – Jeff

  3. I really like the Torgoen Model T20201 model… The dual time is a must in any watch that I get, and the materials used give this watch in particular that rich look that I so dearly love. I don’t mean “rich” as is moneywise, but “rich” as in an abundance of great looking style.

    Now Is there any watches that could cross the second watch face with the first watches Italian leather straps? Is that really an option at all? I like the metal straps for the purpose of dressing up, but for everyday use, I currently use an Italian leather strap.. If I could get model 2 with the leather strap, or maybe something similar, I will go ahead and get it, as I am looking for a new watch.


    • I’m glad you like the Torgoen watches. The T20 series is available with a black rubber strap. They do sell additional bands in leather that would fit. Check it out here. Let me know if you have any other questions.

      Thanks – Jeff

  4. Hi, Jeff!
    I love the t16103 and I want one.
    I wish it had an alarm on it but still I love the dial layout and the beige background. The big numbers sells it for me.
    How much does this one cost?
    Thanks for the review and I look forward to hearing back from you!


    • Hi Shawn,

      The retail price on the T16103 is $410. They offer some other styles with an alarm – if that’s what you’re looking for – take a look at the website.



  5. Now these ARE nice watches! Seriously, I consider myself rather picky when it comes to watches, but these are spectacular. And I don’t want to assume that only Swiss watches are good, but to be perfectly honest, the fact that these have Swiss movements is a definite selling point! Thanks for this!

    • Thanks for the comments – I’m glad you like the watches – keep checking back for more reviews


  6. My favourite is the Torgoen Model T16103.
    Very clean and elegant look.
    Nice gift for the husband.
    Must look for what he likes on watches so I can see if the characteristics match.
    Nice review, lots of details, makes it easy to compare to other watches, specially if your looking for a special one :)

    • Thanks Ana – I think the Torgoen watches would make a great gift for your husband. Let me know if you need help picking something specific – or have any questions I can help you answer.


  7. Hi Jeff, although I’m not an expert on watches, I do appreciate quality workmanship and design. The Swiss have a reputation for making fine watches and from what I see here in your article Torgoen look like a quality brand.

    I quite like the look of the models you have on display here, they look quite classy and stylish. I’m not in the market for a new watch just yet, but in the future I’d certainly consider them.

    Nice site btw, clean and well written.


    • Hi Jay,

      Thanks for visiting my site and I’m glad you like it. Keep it bookmarked for when you’re in the market to check out all my reviews. I plan to update regularly with new watches.



  8. Fine watches. I’ve stopped wearing watches since the invasion of mobiles and that’s because I am weirdly practical and look for watches as a mean to know time :)
    However, I discovered that I need to wear a watch in some occasion and wanna have a background about the prices of those Torgoen watches. Is it expensive?

    • Thanks for checking out my website. It is common to hear that people don’t wear watches – due to smartphones – but I see that as more reason to look for a unique watch that fits your personality – since it’s not really a necessity. The Torgoen watches are great looking and high quality – the prices run for most of them from mid $200 – to mid $500. These are very reasonable prices for the quality of watch that you get. There’s a current promotion with a Torgoen discount code for 15% off – which makes it an even better deal. Keep checking back for some more reviews.

      Thanks- Jeff

  9. Both of these watches sound really nice. I think my favorite is the Torgoen Model T20201, though. I like it even more now that I know Richard Branson has one! I have a question though! Does Torgeon make a watch in the T20201 model that would also be water proof up to some point?

    • Thanks for checking out my review – these are great looking watches. To answer your question – the T20201 is waterproof to 100 meters or 330 feet. If you check out the website there are many different colors available – and you can take advantage of the discount code until early October.

      Thanks- Jeff

  10. Hi Jeff,
    I really liked both Torgoen models, but the T20201 is the prettier one.
    Nowadays, watches have become less of a useful tool, but more of a piece of nice jewelry. I think they fit nice on older folks, as it gives them class. Me, I feel Im too young to own one yet. But If I had to choose, I wouldn’t mind going for a Torgoen. The swiss part really sells it for me… I’ve seen how they build stuff, their precision is legendary, and I can imagine they put all that focus onto their watches as well.


    • I agree that watches have become more of a statement than for functionality. You are never too young for a watch – with all the styles available there’s definitely something to fit everyone’s personality. The Torgoen models would be a great choice for you to jump into the watch market.

      Thanks- Jeff

  11. Wow that’s a great watch I like them so much, good review the Torgoen Model T20201 was the best for me, maybe it will be my next choice, by the way i liked your website & the interface & i checked some articles which are so informative, good job, keep it up & good luck.


  12. Nice review on Torgoen watches.

    One interesting issue is that how does the alarm work? How loud would it be and would “snoozing” be possible?

    I’m looking for some cheap deals for multi-function watches for officewear & I’m thinking that this could possible be a good deal.

    Is shipping done to Singapore?

    • Thanks for checking out my site – to answer your questions – the alarm doesn’t have a snooze function. You would set the time for the alarm to go off – and then when the alarm sounded you would shut off the alarm. Torgoen definitely ships to Singapore – when placing the order they will provide the shipping charge.



  13. Hey Jeff,

    I really like the T16103! I’m always looking for new watches. Problem is, a decent looking on is usually really expensive and the cheap ones always look really cheap. And having a cheap watch… you might as well not have one at all.

    What have you heard about the quality of these watches? I’m curious as to how well they hold up against time.

    • Thanks for the comments. These watches are very well made – using high quality materials – so they should definitely hold up well to use. The company designs these specifically for pilots – so they should work well for the average person’s everyday use.

      Thanks- Jeff

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