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Szanto is a California based company making vintage inspired watches – their motto is “Time Rediscovered”.  They started in 2013 and currently have 13 different series of watches and over 40 different individual models.  Their designs are inspired by the “Golden Age of Travel” – a theme which follows all the way through the watch packaging – each one comes in a box that looks like an old leather suitcase.  I have spent some time looking at their catalog and really like a lot of the Szanto watches – it’s the best of both worlds – you get a great vintage looking watch but with modern reliability.

The style of the watches are based on vintage military and aviation watches.  These are classic styles that are used as inspiration for many current watch designs.  What I really like about the Szanto watches is the leather finishes – along with the case and dial definitely make them feel like an old watch.  Imagine a great watch that someone had from 50 years ago – took care of – and then gave to you.  That’s what I see these watches as – they are unique and look as if they had been passed down a generation or two.

So – the first one up is – Szanto 2250 series.

Szanto 2250 Series – MSRP $350


Szanto 2252


Szanto 2253

Szanto 2253


What do you think?  These are great looking watches – to me they look like they just came off the wrist of a pilot from many years ago and were placed in a drawer.  The black case and dial with the simple and easy to read numbers.  The chronograph dials look the dials in a vintage airplane cockpit – the distressed leather band really adds to the vintage feel also.  The difference between the models is the color of the markers and stitching.  On the 2252 – it’s an orange color and on the 2253 it’s a greenish-yellow.   As far as the color – I’ll leave that to personal preference – you can’t go wrong with either one – my favorite is the orange on the 2252.  I always like black and orange together on a watch.


  • 46mm Brushed Stainless Steel Ion Plated Black Case
  • Domed Mineral Crystal
  • Push Crown
  • Japanese Quartz 3-Eye Chronograph Movement (2250 Series)
  • Genuine Leather Strap with Signature Buckle
  • 30 Meters Water Resistant

Here’s a picture of the cool packaging I mentioned above – looks like a well-worn leather suitcase.

Szanto box

These are unique watches which you’d probably spend a lot of time – and a lot more money – to find even something similar in a true vintage watch – and it would probably need restoration to get it working.  So if you like this style – why not go order one for yourself.

Click Here for the Szanto 2252 (with the orange color)

or click Here for the Szanto 2253 (with the yellowish-green color)

Either one would be a great choice.

The next model I want to show you is the Szanto 4000 series – model 4002

Szanto 4000 Series – MSRP $350


Szanto 4000 series 4002


This watch really stands out for the finishes – the weathered bronze colored case and cream colored dial play very well into the vintage theme.  The cream colored dial is Szanto model 4002.  The hour markers, hands and sub dials all follow along – even the font of the numbers on the dial seem like a throwback to earlier times.  The distressed brown leather band with the functional reinforcement stitching – in a contrasting cream color – make this watch seem like it came directly from military surplus.  I seriously think you could tell people that this was a vintage watch – and no one would question it – this is a unique watch that will stand out among many other common choices.  If you – or someone you know – is a fan of vintage aviation – this is absolutely the watch to get – go buy one here.


  • 44mm Brushed Stainless Steel Ion Plated Antique Bronze Case
  • Hardened Mineral Crystal
  • Push Crown
  • Japanese Quartz 2-Eye Chronograph Movement
  • Genuine Leather Strap with Signature Buckle
  • 100 Meters Water Resistant

Click here for the Szanto 4002 (cream colored dial)

Thanks for reading about Szanto Watches and going back in time to look at these vintage styled aviation watches.

If you’re looking for an aviation style watch – but want something more along today’s styling (I realize the vintage look is not for everyone)  check out my review on Torgoen Watches – these will be the vintage watches everyone wants 50 years from today.

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  1. Hi Jeff,

    These are certainly some great looking watches! I am a fan of the nostalgic looking watches and of course I want to have today’s technology as well so I don’t have to worry about them breaking down on me and expensive repair bills!

    Are there any reviews of these watches online you may have found as to what buyers think about their performance and reliability? Not too many watchmakers left in USA, these are the first I have seen in awhile (I may just not know too lol)…

    Thanks for presenting me these I will be checking out the company! Cheers and have a great day!!


    • Dave,

      Thanks for checking out my review – I agree these are the best of both worlds – nostalgic looking but reliable. I have read some reviews and blogs about Szanto and all of them are good. They are using quality materials – and people like how they look and feel on their wrist. I think these really fill a different part of the market – I’ve looked at many vintage watches because I liked the look – but always decided not to buy because of the work and cost involved to get them ready to wear again.

      I hope you find something from Szanto that you like – and check back for more reviews in the future.

      Thanks- Jeff

  2. Hmm was doing some simple searches for wrist watches and ran across your article. I have to admit, I normally wear my Rolex. However, I’ve never heard of Szanto before? You said they are out in Cali? Maybe I’ve never heard of them since they only been around since 2013. Either way, I might have to look into their stock. It seems like they have some decent for a fair price.

    • Yes- the company is based in California. They seem to be relatively new to the market – but I think they have a great product and something unique in the market. You should definitely pick one up and you can put it in rotation with your Rolex.

      Thanks for checking out my site,


  3. Hi Jeff,

    Thank you for this very nice and detailed review. I never heard of Szanto before and was glad to get to know what they do.

    Their watches really have awesome designs. The one I prefer is the Szanto model 4002. The cream dial, the bronze case abd brown leather band match so perfectly together.

    You mentioned that the company was based in California, but I was wondering, are the watches built there or imported?


    • I agree the designs are awesome – it makes for a difficult choice on which one to buy. I can’t find any specific information on whether they build the watches in California or not – the company is based there – but I can’t find the source of the watches. Either way they are great looking watches.

      Thanks- Jeff

  4. Hi Jeff,
    Some great looking Szanto watches. Although I usually wear a modern digital watch for work, I really like the simple style of these vintage military watches, particularly the “4000”. A very easy to read, uncluttered dial and the thick leather straps add to the look. Using a quartz movement keeps the watch affordable, accurate and reliable. All in all I’m impressed!

    • Thanks for checking out my site. Yes – these Szanto watches are great looking vintage style – definitely different than a digital. I hope you check them out – and come back for more reviews in the future.

      Thanks- Jeff

  5. That is a really great idea bringing back the look of the vintage watches of days gone by. Your right about what it may cost to have an older style watch and what it may cost to refurbish it. For most people having the newer time piece with the look of the past sounds like a win win situation that I think a lot of people will like.

    • I definitely agree that the vintage look is something that people will like – without the headaches of a true vintage watch. I’m glad you found them interesting – I really felt that these were great watches to share and I hadn’t heard much about them. Thanks for checking out my website.


  6. Hey Jeff. I have over the years built up a decent collection of watches without really setting out to. I usually buy a watch based on the look rather than the brand and the look of these watches are both elegant and trendy. Definitely will appeal to both the older folk looking for the nostalgic look or the younger generation looking to pull off the retro trend. Prices are reasonable and will make excellent gift options. Nice job bringing this brand to our attention.


    • I think that’s how most people end up with a watch collection – you don’t really start by saying – I will end up with X amount of watches – you buy what you like and then eventually you have a collection. I think Szanto is making something that I haven’t seen in the market before – a watch that truly looks vintage. Many companies take cues from past designs – but they still look like a new watch – these definitely have a older look to them and that’s what I think makes them unique. Thanks for the comments.


  7. Hello Jeff!
    Trying to find a nice watch for my husband and I saw your post with these incredible watches. I love the vintage military style!
    I would like to know about the warranty for the watch. And in case of broken, is easy to find someone to fix it?
    Thank you for your great review! Helped a lot!

    • I’m glad you like the watches and the review. To answer your questions – there is a 1 year warranty on the watches. As far as service – they also have a service center where you can send you watch in for repair or service. There’s also a full list of authorized retailers that could also help with service and repair – there are locations in the US, Canada and some internationally. I hope your husband enjoys the watch that you pick out.

      Thanks- Jeff

  8. Hi Jeff,
    Nice site never heard of Szanto watches before. I had an old 40 dollar relic that I used like that had a nice braided leather band and a beige face. Expensive watches are like wine you really need to know the ins and outs if your going to be a connoisseur. I never really kept up with what was good in terms of watch motion. Is the Japanese motion one of the best available or is the price tag for these mostly based on fashion appeal? Thanks for a great site lots of good info.

  9. I didn’t know about Szanto watches before but they look very cool! I think Indiana Jones could have bought one of these! I like the old-fashioned style of these watches, especially the Szanto 2253. Thanks to have brought this brand in the spotlight, it is really worth checking out! Very good article!

  10. Hi Jeff, both 2250 and 4000 series are amazing. I’m not a technical type of person so I’d like to ask you if those watches have “scratch-proof” glass/crystal? Also I know many brands use very specific straps so once you have their watch you can only use their’s straps. Is it the same with Szanto?

    • These watches will be somewhat scratch resistant – but it is not the hardest type of crystal available. These watches will use a standard type of watch band – so it can be easily changed or replaced.

      Thanks- Jeff

  11. Those are nice watches. I like watches. I think it is kind of funny the difference between a watch that looks good and one that is a real watch. Some companies make the cheapest watches look good and they break in a week or the wrist part pinches your skin. Nice site Ill have to check it out some more and look into a new watch its good to see a site with some ideal watches.

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