Swatch Watches for Men

Today I want to talk about Swatch watches for men and specifically the Swatch Irony series of watches.  I know what you’re thinking – “I don’t want one of those plastic watches in crazy colors” – trust me – I don’t want one of those either.  So let’s look at the Swatch Irony watches – they are all watches in metal – some chronographs – nice finishes and overall just nice looking watches.  Also – Swatch Group makes is the leading global supplier of watch movements (the guts that make your watch work) – they sell these movements to other companies.  So – you’re also getting a quality watch that will function for a long time when you buy a Swatch.

My Swatch Chronograph

What inspired me to write this article is my own Swatch Chronograph that I’ve had for years.  It’s also a watch that many people have stopped and commented that it was a nice watch.  It has definitely seen its share of wear and tear – but still functions perfectly.  Check out the pictures below.


So – based on this watch – I decided to check out the current Swatch Irony lineup to see what is available and what I would recommend for you to check out – and hopefully purchase one for yourself.

First up – Swatch Irony Chronograph – YCS564G – Blustery Black – check out the picture below.

Swatch Blustery Black – YCS564G – MSRP $175

Swatch YCS564G Blustery Black

I like this watch a lot – it’s very similar to the watch that I own – I’m thinking that this could be a great replacement.  The black face against the silver case and band really looks great – I like the sub-dials with their different texture.  Also – on this watch I like the fact that there are no other colors – just black, white and metallic – on this watch it works really well.  This is a great watch – if you like it – go buy it here.

Next up:

Swatch Caterhblack YWS403C – MSRP $120

Swatch Caterhblack YWS403C

On this watch I think the black and white contrast is great – especially the black leather band with the contrast stitching.  The other feature to note – the red second hand, red outline on the date window and the red bezel marker at 12 o’clock – these details set the watch apart.  The white face – simple black markers and black hands all make this a classic watch that you can wear for years.  If you have to have this one – go get it here.

The last one to talk about:

Destination London YVS410C – MSRP $180

Swatch Destination London YVS410C

This one has me sold with the blue face – I think I would buy every watch I see with a blue face – but there ‘s more to this watch than just a face.  The silver case and sub-dials, subtle markings on the face (notice how the markings on this one is different than the first watch above – gives it a different feel) and the dark brown leather band.  This is a great looking watch – and they really nailed the name – Destination London – this has a very English feel to it.  Put on this watch – jump in your Jaguar and drive the English countryside.  If this watch speaks to you (in an English accent) – click here to make it yours.

Swatch recently introduced a new series of mechanical watches that use an innovative internal movement.  The collection is called Sistem 51 – I wrote a full review on the Sistem51 watches that you can check out by clicking here.

That’s it for now on Swatch watches for men – hopefully I’ve opened your eyes to Swatch – beyond the plastic watches you may have always associated with them.

You can also check out all my other reviews by clicking here.

Leave me a comment or question below – and check out my other posts to help you find a nice watch.



  1. Wow this is an almighty blast from my past – I really didn’t realize this company was still running!
    During the 80’s I remember these watches were the go to place for all the trendy dudes….but they seemed to die out properly over the 90’s.
    Nice to see they have gone a little more metallic now!

    • It’s interesting – Swatch Group is the largest watch company in the world – includes Swatch and some other mid and high end watches – Omega is part of Swatch Group.

      You can still get some of those colorful models – if you want to relive the old days – but I think the Swatch Irony collection is definitely a better choice.

      Thanks for reading and commenting – Jeff

  2. Some really nice watch, and a very informative post ..
    Myself, I like the Swatch Blustery Black it looks classy ..
    Your site is great, keep up the good work Jeff
    Can you post some classy watches with both wises and digits and other things like compass or more ?

    • Thanks for the comments – I’m glad you like the Blustery Black model – I think that’s a great choice.

      I will be writing more reviews – and will try to find some multi-function watches to write about. I’m not sure what you mean by wises and digits – but some watches do come with a compass.



  3. Thanks for this review of Swatch watches for men Jeff. I really thought they were just fancy bright coloured cheap and nasty but clearly they are very smart and classy. I particularly like the metallic and white/black one which looks great. Not so sure about the white face with large numbers, but all the same good to know something new. I know where to come when I want to review some watch choices.

    • Thanks for stopping by and checking out my review. I’m glad you saw something that you like – and definitely check back to see some more reviews – and purchase something in the future.



  4. I had a positive reaction the moment I viewed your page. The theme supports your niche. I felt it was very professional looking and presented the quality watches you are highlighting very well indeed. Your first paragraph dealt with my idea that Swatch watches were cheaper plastic Swiss watches in a friendly straight forward manner. I was pleasantly surprised that Swatch has such quality watches for men.
    Your story about your Swatch watch was engaging.
    I felt your graphics was of a high standard and well placed on the page.
    You did not display too many watches, and that ensured the uncluttered look of your page. Plenty of spacing and well-placed headings added to the visual appeal of the page.
    I think this is a very professional and engaging page.

    • Marilyn,

      Thank you very much for the comments – I’m happy you like the layout and content. I’m trying to help people wade through the huge market of watches and find something of quality – and that fits the style they want. I’ve been trying to write this as if I was helping a friend pick out a watch – honest opinions and guidance.

      Check back if you’re in the market for a watch and read some more reviews in the future.



  5. Great looking watch, I wouldn’t mind one myself. I really have a thing for watches but unfortunately can never justify the cost to buy something I would really like and would be worried about it getting damaged at work. Would you recommend anything good that is relatively cheap? Are you planning on reviewing Smart watches at some stage?

    • Thanks for the comments – these watches are pretty reasonably priced – that’s one of my goals to talk about watches that are not overly expensive. Take a look at these My Everyday Watch – most of the models in that post are under $75.

      I don’t have any plans to talk about smart watches yet – but that may change in the future. Keep checking back for more reviews.

      Thanks- Jeff

  6. Some nice watches here! I particularly like the second watch in your list – the Swatch Caterhblack. It’s a classic and simple design. In my view, too many watch faces seem cluttered and it can be difficult to glance quickly at your wrist to find the time. So for me at least the simpler the design the better. What else would you want from a watch except for it to tell the time? Would you agree?

    • I agree that’s a great looking watch – easy to read and simple design. You are correct – sometimes a watch has so much going on that it’s hard to read. I do like some designs that have extra dials and some complexity but it’s a fine balance. I’m glad you saw something that you like – keep checking back for more reviews.

      Thanks – Jeff

  7. I have always loved Swatch watches because of their beautiful designs :)

    However, I have olny owned one Swatch time-piece in my lifetime. :( LOL.

    There are some stunning looking men’s watched on this page, and I would have to say that the Swatch Blustery Black – YCS564G because I love silver and chrome watches.


  8. I love men’s watches! I can never find a watch for myself, but can always find a number of beautiful watches for my husband! I really like how you go into detail about the elements of the various watches that make them beautiful, and I feel that you really appreciate the craftsmanship that went into them – I enjoy reading your website and you’re doing a great job presenting the different options :) I really like the Destination London watch!

  9. Nice review on Swatch watches for men.

    Destination London looks so elegant. It may be one of my first choices. But leather is kinda allergic to my skin so i may better prefer metal bracelets.

    I think Blustery Black seems fine. Swatch is always producing quality watches. But Bretling is my favourite in watches.

  10. Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for your post. I didn’t notice Swatch also has such nice serious watch. I was actually searching around and tried to find a men’s watch as a gift for my brother’s college graduation. Now I have some better idea after reading your review.

    Thanks so much


    • Thanks for the comments – I’m glad you found something that you like.


  11. watches are now on fashion and in most cases i use to feel like a gentleman whenever i’m having a watch on my hand and to say little with this iron watch it can make the person look more professional even the dress code doesn’t match

    thanks for sharing this quality information and keep sharing



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