Swatch Sistem51 – A Mechanical Watch for the masses

Swatch Group has introduced a revolutionary mechanical watch  – the Swatch Sistem51.  It’s a Swiss automatic watch that that uses 51 individual parts and is held together with one screw.  This is at least  half the number of parts for a typical mechanical movement – and all of those use a lot more than one screw.

The build process is also revolutionary – it is built in 5 modules – all held together with one central screw – and they are assembled on a fully automated production line.  There’s no human adjustment to the watch before it is hermetically sealed in the case.  This is also unheard of  – up until now – in the world of Swiss mechanical watch movements.

Swatch Sistem51 movement

The other unique feature is that the watch will run for 90 hours after it is worn and “charged” through the self winding mechanism.  This is about double the amount of time that a typical mechanical watch will last without wearing it.

Some articles are calling this the anti Apple Watch.  Not everyone wants the technology of the Apple watch – or wants to spend $350 and up for a watch.  The Sistem51 is a new technology – revolutionary in the mechanical watch world – and has an MSRP of $150.  It’s new technology for people who don’t want a mini smartphone on their wrist.

Now – lets look at some of the available models:

Sistem Class – SUTS402 – MSRP $150

Sistem Class SUTS402Sistem Class SUTS402

I like the blue case and the simple dial with date window on this watch.  The blue stitching on the band is also a nice detail.  If this is the one for you – go buy it here and it’s 10% off.

Sistem Black – SUTB400 – MSRP $150

Sistem Black SUTB400Sistem Black SUTB400

This watch reminds me of constellations in the starry night sky – the all black case, band – and then the white dots for markers.  The 6 red dots on the face are a trademark of the Sistem 51 movement – representing some of the ruby jewels that are actually used in the movement.  These watches are also very interesting on the backside – where you can see inside through the clear back.  It will make you want to take it off to show it to your friends.  If this starry night inspired model is the one for your wrist – you can purchase it for less than MSRP – by clicking here.

Sistem Navy – SUTN400 – MSRP $150

Sistem Navy SUTN400Sistem Navy SUTN400

The white face on this watch really stands out against the dark blue case and band.  I like the simple and easy to read numbers and date on the face.  This one has the classic smooth watch case and band that Swatch is known for  – and the back has the see through case to see the movement.  This is a great classic looking watch – and if you want to have one just click here.

Here’s a little bonus part of the review.  I usually talk only about men’s watches – but my wife saw these and commented specifically on the next one.  So – if you’re looking for a women’s model – for your wife or girlfriend – or maybe you’re a women here shopping for the man in your life – check out the next watch.

Sistem White – SUTW400 – MSRP $150

Sistem White SUTW400Sistem White SUTW400

This watch is interesting – because it’s very white – but also colorful at the same time.  There’s enough color on the hands and the various dots on the face to make it interesting.  The movement as seen through the back is also full of color – so you can take it off and show off the backside too.  If you want this watch – as a gift for someone – or for yourself – you can find it here at 25% off MSRP.

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  1. I like this post. It is very informative, the watches are really cool also. I like the clear backs so you can see all the functioning parts. The information on the one screw assembly was really cool I know all watches and clocks take way more than that. What made you want a site on watches? I think you did a really good job and put in a lot of research time kudos.

    • Thanks for checking out my site. I’ve always liked watches and that’s what made me decide to start a website about watches. I want to help others find watches that they like and help them learn about different types of watches.

      Thanks -Jeff

  2. I totally fell in love with the white watch. There’s just something about the look of it that’s so fabulous!! Plus the colours on the back! Makes it all round awesome! It’s a great gift idea, you had me bookmarking it just to remind myself forr upcoming occasions. Thanks for this!

    • I’m really glad you like these watches – my goal is to point out the unique choices that are available in the market today. I agree the white one is a great design. Thanks for checking out my site – and bookmarking it – be sure to keep checking back for more reviews.

      Thanks – Jeff

  3. Wow, I was really impressed with the fact that this system51 only uses one screw to hold everything together. I never would have guessed that the watches were only for men, I personally liked all of them and thought they were for men and women. But, I agree with your wife the white one is quite beautiful! Might have to convince my husband to offer me that one for our wedding anniversary. What is their water resistance? How many meters?

    • I’m glad you like these watches – yes the one screw is really a huge advance in technology for mechanical watches. I believe they are listed as unisex models for both men and women – I think some of the colors may be biased one way or another – but that’s personal preference. The water resistance is 100ft/30 meters. I think any of these would be a great gift – you and your husband could get coordinating models for your anniversary.

      Thanks for the comments,


  4. I like this choice of watches, although I typically wouldn’t buy because i don’t keep stuff on my wrist I am thinking of getting one of these. I like the styles they look very fashionable and trendy, and they have some I see strictly for professionalism. I also found the links to purchase certain watches very easy to use – which is a very good idea. Have you thought about writing something on the new Iwatch that came out from apple? They took decades to make it. I still know absolutely nothing about it.

    • Thanks for reading about the Swatch Sistem51 – it sounds like you saw something that you really like. I’m not planning on writing about the Apple watch at the moment – I want to write about traditional watches – almost as an alternative to the high tech smart watches – this Swatch Sistem51 is very technologically advanced as far as it’s construction and how it is manufactured. Keep checking back for more reviews.

      Thanks- Jeff

  5. I am really not interested in having a cell phone on m wrist! Personally it would drive me crazy. I do like the watches on your review. Love the way it looks on the back. The starry night is my favorite. Not too into the women watch though. Not fond of the white band. I am sure others will like it. Thanks for the review. I know someone who will love this watch!

    • I’m glad you liked the review. I think most of these styles are unisex – so anyone can wear them. The white one is women’s specific – and if it’s not for you – that’s ok – there are lots of other styles and colors to choose. Thanks for stopping by and come back to check out more reviews in the future.


  6. Awesome watches! ! I thought it was pretty interesting how the watch is held together with one screw. I thought they looked very fashionable and would probably be good for men and women. I think these would be great Christmas or birthday or even anniversary gifts. I will be bookmarking this page..Thanks for the great information! !

    • I’m glad you like these watches. One of the reasons I decided to write about these is that they are so unique – the methods and technology to manufacture the watch movement have never been used before. I agree that these will make perfect gifts. Check back for info on these watches – and all the other review I have on the site. Thanks for stopping by.


  7. Hi Jeff, thanks for your post on How to change a watch battery… normally when my watches battery dies i tell myself il get the battery changed… actually the thought doesnt even cross my mind because i think its so involving so what happens is I forget about it, it ends up a collectible and i get a new watch. But your right just like learning to cut your own hair (haha) instead of going to the barbershop every couple of weeks you can just learn how to change the battery yourself and save alot of money in return. Great watch reviews and thanks for introducing me to Tom Carter!

    • It looks like you have checked out a few different posts that I’ve written – that’s great. I’m glad you found some useful information – that’s my goal – to share this info so that others become more knowledgeable about watches.

      Thanks for stopping by- Jeff

  8. Hi Jeff,

    What an informative site! I’m ashamed to say, but I’ve never really put that much thought into the type of watch that I wear…but I know that it is also wrong! I love watches and you have made me think a great deal about what I’m wearing on my wrist. I really love the watches you have displayed on your site. Thank you for enlightening me! Lol

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