Stuhrling Chronograph Watches

Stuhrling chronograph watches are a great choice if you’re looking for something sporty without breaking the bank.  The company has an interesting history – started in 1999 by Henry Fischer.  His goal was to start a watch company that provided quality, luxury type watches at an affordable price.  His research told him that the big name brands had to charge high prices due to celebrity endorsements and advertising.   He went ahead with the Stuhrling brand – creating quality and affordable watches and no large advertising overhead – and sold 22,386 watches in the first year.  The company continues making these high quality watches and today I want to show you some Stuhrling chronograph watches.  Click on each picture for more information.

 Stuhrling Original Chronograph – 678.01 Black and White –  MSRP $495

Stuhrling Original Chronograph 678.01

Never mind what the MSRP says – this watch is under $100.  At first glance it looks very black and white – but the detail I like – and makes this watch standout is the blue second hand and sub dial hands.  It’s a detail like this that makes the watch special – and not just a generic watch.  Also – this watch uses a 20 mm NATO style strap – so you can easily change it out for another color – look for a different strap here.  This is a classic watch – to get one for yourself – click here.

Stuhrling Original Chronograph – 678.02 Blue and Orange – MSRP $495

Stuhrling Original Chronograph 678.02

You can have this watch for under $120.  The colors on this watch are a little more bold but not too loud.  The combination of orange and blue really goes well together and I like the mostly white face.  The details that standout for me on this one are the blue sub dials with orange hands – and the orange second hand.  All of these combine to show that Stuhrling Original really thought through the design of this watch.  If orange and blue is for you – then click here

Stuhrling Original Chronograph – 678.02 Black and Red – MSRP $495

Stuhrling Original Chronograph 678.03


This red and black model is under $130.  This watch takes a slightly different approach by adding the gold tone color on the face.  It works well – the red and black is offset nicely by the gold – and the red hands provide a nice touch.  I think this watch would look great with a tan color NATO strap – or even a tan leather band – would give this watch an entirely different feel – it would be like having two different watches.  If the versatility of this red and black model is for you click here.


  • Baton-Style Indexes with Luminous Fill
  • Polished Stainless Steel Beveled Bezel
  • 44mm diameter case
  • Stainless Steel Screw Down Caseback with Stuhrling Wings Logo
  • Krysterna Crystal
  • Serrated Push/Pull with Function Pushers
  • 10 ATM Water Resistant (100 meters/330 feet)
  • Striped Canvas Strap (20mm wide)
  • Brushed Stainless Steel Tang Buckle with Stuhrling Wings Logo
  • Movement – Japan Chrono VR 33
  • Tachymeter, Chronograph, Hours, Second, Minute, Water Resistant

So what do you think about this watch?  My favorite is the black and white one – with the touch of blue, that makes it for me.  I think this watch has a lot of potential to be personalized with a different NATO strap – check out some others here.  If need some help with changing your strap – you can read my article How to Change a Watch Band.

If you like the Stuhrling brand but maybe you want something less sporty and more formal – check out my other review on the Stuhring Monaco Chronograph.

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Leave any questions or comments below and enjoy looking for a new watch.



  1. Hi Jeff, I guess that we both share the same first names! I loved your article about the Stuhrling Chronograph watches that you posted in a review at your site.

    With so many different makes and models out there today, the watch brand that you promoted in this article certainly does appear to be quite classy – not some cheap $19 watch seen at your local Wal-Mart; usually breaking and easily within the first month after you purchased it.

    You did a good job distinguishing between the three models that you reviewed within the post. Unfortunately my sister purchased for me during the Christmas holidays now not quite two years ago a really nice watch put out by “Akribos”. Otherwise were I into the market and with what you posted in your review the brand watches that you discussed would definitely be something that I would pursue in further.

    Again, an excellent job that you did in your review article that I had the pleasure of reading!


    • Thanks for the comments and checking out my site. Be sure to check out my site the next time you’re in the market for a watch – there are a lot of reviews and information to check out.


  2. I personally like the red and black one, the red is a nice accent to the watch and face is easy to look at. I like how there are different options and you can change the strap.

    Sometimes watches try to put too much color in and it makes it hard to look at lol

    Great review, thanks


    • I agree – sometimes a watch can be so busy that it’s hard to read. That’s not the case with these watches – I think they look great in all the different colors.

      Thanks for checking out my site.


  3. Hey There Jeff!

    I enjoy looking at the different watches that you have described in this article, Its actually so surprising to me how cheap they are compared to their original price! They seem like very good quality watches as well. I really like the information you have given me about these watches as they are very appealing and classy!

    • Thanks for checking out my site – I’m glad you like the watches. Check back for more reviews in the future.


  4. I love how nice your page looks. Information looks well presented and I learned a lot about these watches. I will consider this watch when making my next purchase – and the price is surprisingly good. Thanks for sharing this information about the Stuhrling Chronograph – I will check back to your site for more reviews in the future.

  5. Hello

    looking to shop early (people here are crazy for Christmas presents) so l thought I’d look for a watch because with a watch as a present you can never go wrong.
    Your review of Stuhrling -chronograph is is extensive, you have explained everything to the last detail that making a decision was not hard.
    Did l mention that the price is wallet-friendly too?

    • I’m glad you liked the review and thanks for the comments. Yes this watch would definitely make a great Christmas gift and it’s a really good price.


  6. It can be hard to find a good looking watch that will not brake the bank. Even though most people use a cell phone to tell the time, the right watch can make an outfit. All the watches look great, and would love to get one. And I love that they are way cheaper than 600 bucks! I know what I am putting on my christmas present list.

    • I’m glad you found something you like. Thanks for the comments and checking out my site.


  7. Great descriptions of each watch! Each very nice and appealing and have distinctive features. Very clear and easy format with pictures evenly spaced out! :-D The links to alternatives and ‘how to change a watch strap’ were a really nice unique touch!
    Will check back in for my Christmas shopping!!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the site – keep checking back for more information.

      Thanks – Jeff

  8. These watches look so elegant and expensive, so I was really surprised to see their real price, it’s much lower than I had expected.
    So I noticed that the first watch had the number 678.01, while the other 2 had it ended in 02. Are they the same watch but in different colors or what? Because that’s not very clear to me…
    Anyway, very interesting info, next time I want to buy I watch I’ll know where to get it from :)

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