Some of the Top Watch Brands Men Wear

Today I want to write about some of the top watch brands men wear – these watches show up on wrists all over the world.  I found statistics on the wrist watch industry here.  It’s interesting to see the numbers of watches sold, the revenue generated – and some of the top watch brands.

  • 1.2 Billion watches are sold annually
  • Swatch/Omega annual revenue is $8.88 Billion
  • Swatch Group has the largest market share at 18.3%

Those are some big numbers.  What I want to do with this article is look at some of the top selling brands – that fit into the affordable category – and look at some choices within those brands since they are going to be common in the market place. The brands I will focus on are:

  • Swatch Group (Swatch, Hamilton, Omega & others)
  • Fossil
  • Citizen
  • Seiko

These brands are all in the top 10 according to market share – other brands are in the luxury market so I’m not going to talk about them here. The first brand I will talk about is Citizen.  I actually didn’t realize that Citizen was as big as it is.  I have one Citizen watch – it’s one of their Eco-Drive models.  I’ve attached a couple pictures below. Citizen AU1040-08E - MSRP $175 Citizen AU1040-08E  Citizen AU1040-08E This is a classic dress watch – black leather band, black face, metallic hour markers and date window.  The watch works great – the Eco-Drive keeps it running for 6 months on a full charge.  It will charge under any light source – natural or artificial sources – and is basically maintenance free.  This is a classic style that can be worn everyday – works with a suit or casual clothes.  If you like this watch – go out and get one for yourself by clicking here. Based on this initial watch I thought I would look at the other popular brands to see what they have to offer that is similar.  This article will be a comparison of some of the top watch brands men wear.  So if you have a brand preference – you’ll have a good selection to choose from. The next brand to talk about is Fossil.  I’ve owned a few Fossil watches over the years – and they’ve held up well – there are some good choices within the brand – and I even saw some higher end watches being sold. The one I want to talk about is the Fossil FS4745 – see a picture below. Fossil FS4745 - MSRP $95 Fossil FS4745 You can see the similarities to the Citizen model – black face, black band, date window.  This one has the roman numeral markers on the face – and it adds a second hand.  This is a standard quartz movement – so it uses a battery instead of the self charging feature.  The overall style is very similar to the Citizen – and that’s what I’m trying to show with this article – you can find the type and style of watch you’re looking for across different brands – with slight variations.  When looking for the perfect watch for you – it makes sense to shop across different brands – because the variation on one might be the difference that makes it standout for you.  If this is your watch – go buy it here. Fossil also owns the Skagen brand as of 2012 – I did a write up on Skagen that you can check out here. The next brand to talk about is Swatch.  There’s a lot more to Swatch other than the colorful plastic and rubber watch styles of the 1980’s and 1990’s.  Omega, Hamilton and some other high end brands are all part of the Swatch Group.  Another huge part of their business is production of watch movements – the internal parts that make a watch function.  They sell tons of these to other manufacturers to put in their watches – Swatch Group is the world’s largest watch producer. The next watch in this comparison is the Swatch Swatch YWS400 – see picture below. Swatch YWS400 – MSRP $125 Swatch YWS400 This Swatch follows a a lot of the styling cues of the other watches – but it also has the classic Swatch shape – it’s a metal case with a leather band (I believe this one is a very dark brown – it looks nice).  The face has simple markers and hands with a date window.  This is also a quartz watch that uses a battery –  if this Swatch is for you – buy it here. The final brand to talk about is Seiko.  They make a ton of different watches in many different styles.  I’ve already written about Seiko as my Everyday Watch and about one of their iconic Dive Watches – click the links to read those posts. In the context of this review I’m going to talk about the Seiko SRN035 – see picture below. Seiko SRN035 – MSRP $475 Seiko SRN035 As you can see this watch follows the trend of the others above – leather band, black face dress watch – there are simple hands and a date window.  Also – it has the Roman numeral markers.  Its a very nice watch – and this is part of the Seiko Kinetic series.  This means it charges itself as you move your wrist – on a full charge it has a 6 month power reserve.  If this is the watch that you have to have – click here. Conclusion As you can see – there’s a lot of selection within the top watch brands men wear.  What I wanted to show is that even if you’ve narrowed down the look of the watch that you want – it is still important to shop some different brands – each will have their own features and details –  and you can check out different websites too.  What you’ll also find is that most watches sell for less than MSRP (manufacturers suggested retail price).  There are tons of watches on the market – my goal is to help you find a nice one.
Please leave me a comment – or ask a question below.  Enjoy the hunt for your new watch.



  1. Really helpful article on the top brands of male watches out there – I’ve been trying to make my mind up for quite some time now!
    My partner seems to like the more old fashioned Citizen look and I do to but I ain’t THAT old ( yet ). What do you feel would be a crossover for this brand?

    • Thanks for the comments – Yes the Citizen brand is definitely more of a “classic” style. They do have many different watches out there – a quick search I saw this model – CA4210-24E – it’s a black face chronograph with a brown leather band. Do a search for that model number and see if you like it.

      Thanks – Jeff

  2. What’s the weight difference on these two watches? They’re quite attractive, but knowing if they’re going to just hurt your wrist from being heavy and clunky is desirable. My guy is quite lanky and watches in the past have slid around on his wrist too much and he doesn’t like ones that are heavy. But of course, if they’re too light it’s often a sign that it’s cheap in quality. Where’s the balance?

    • These watches are not going to be overly heavy. The combination of the leather band with the relatively low profile case should make a good combination of not too heavy and not too light. I think any of these would be a good choice. Thanks for checking out my website – let me know if you have any other questions.


  3. Hello Jeff,

    I have been looking for a watch for quite some time.
    In times of mobile phones quite a few people don’t really use watches anymore.
    Especially the younger people.
    But I think a watch can be a great and good looking accessory!

    I really like the Fossil FS4745. Looks really nice and is still affordable!

    Not sure if I just didn’t read it or you didn’t mention it:
    Which brand is your favorite?


    • I agree that a watch is definitely a good accessory – it’s really one of the only pieces of jewelry that most men wear. That’s what makes me think you should put some time and effort into choosing a watch – even if you only plan to have one.

      Favorite brand? That’s a tough one – because I like so many different styles – I’d have to go with Seiko – I have a few of them and they’ve held up great. In these watches I do like the Fossil – the Roman numerals add some interest to it.

      Thanks for reading – and check back for more information.


  4. First off, I would just like to say how cool and catchy your domain name is! In regards to your post, this is the kind of information I would be looking for when finding the right watch to where to a certain occasion.

    Unlike most other watch sites I have been on, your site goes into much better detail on how one should go about selecting the right watch. I am curious.. when it comes to these brands of watches, do you have a favorite? :)

    • Thanks for the comments – I’m glad you like the name – I thought about it for a while and then this came to me – basically if someone likes your watch they say – that’s a nice watch – and it turned into my domain name.

      I’ve always been a fan of Seiko watches – among the choices here I also like the Fossil. I’m glad you found some information that other sites might not provide – I’m trying to help people evaluate different watches and understand how to choose what’s right for them.

  5. Hi Jeff,

    The Fossil you featured looks like a great option – looks simple and sophisticated, very classic with the Roman numeral design, and not too expensive.

    I did not know the watch industry was that large, especially with the growth of smartphones. Has there been an overall decline in sales of watches since so many people do have smartphones now or are watch sales holding steady or even on the rise? Curious to know.


    • I think what’s growing in the watch business is the sale of mechanical/automatic watches. People are looking for more of a unique watch – instead of something out of necessity. I believe the watch industry is getting bigger – despite the advent of smartphones and the Apple watch. People are looking at a watch more as jewelry – than a necessity to tell the time.

      Thanks – Jeff

  6. Hi Jeff,
    I have a Citizen watch too. It is eco-drive. I love eco-drive because of the zero maintenance as you mentioned here. I like the styles you recommended here and I will check them with no doubt.
    Looking for a birthday gift for my father, a 64-year-old man. Do you have any advice?

    • Thanks for stopping by to check out my site. I think any of the watches on this page would be a good gift for your father. Also – check out my review on Skagen watches – here – I think he would like any of those also. Let me know if I can answer any questions for you.



  7. Hi Jeff,
    Wow, I had no idea that Swatch was the most popular brand. I live in South Africa and Fossil is the most “status” brand of watches for both ladies and men. The next time I’m in the market for a watch for my husband, I will definitely look at what Swatch has available. Very interesting article, thank you for sharing your insights..

  8. Hi, what a lovely website and a very interesting review. I think I like the look of the Seiko the most from the 3 you’ve talked about. If I was to buy an expensive watch I think I’d want something a bit more weighty than these, I definitely prefer a metal strap to a material strap on a man. So, do you own any of these watches? Which would be your preference? Sammi

    • Thanks for the comments – I’m glad you like the review. I personally own the Citizen AU1040-08E – if i were to choose a preference – I like the Swatch YWS400 – I would go for that one. If you’re looking for a more substantial watch – check out this Seiko SKX007 & SKX009 Automatic Diver. Make sure you check back for more reviews in the future.

      Thanks – Jeff

  9. I dont have much knowledge about watches as I would like, but your review makes me want to investigate on brands and what types of watches I can wear, thanks a lot for your post, I have a friend that loves watches thats why I checked out your site, so keep up the good work, I will recomend your site

    • Thanks for stopping by and checking out my site- I’m glad you found some useful information. I also appreciate you recommending the site to your friend. If you have any specific questions – feel free to contact me so I can help you find a great watch.

      Thanks- Jeff

  10. I used to have a swatch. ı didn’t know thaat they had this enormous market share. And 8.8 billion dollars? whew. It isn’t a mandatory item now, if you want to carry a watch, you don’t have to spend a fortune. But these days it has appearently become a luxury. People spending great amounts of money to a simple item makes me think.

  11. Hi Jeff
    I like your articles and website as you are doing a grest job. You have done a nice job in the current post as you’ve given a list of cool watches that one could enjoy having and wearing.
    The features you’ve pointed out are so good. I especially like the brands that you are saying they keep charging in both natural and artificial light and that they need very little maintenance. What color varieties are there? Do straps also come in other materials besides leather?

    • You can find these watch brands in many different colors and different strap materials. Thanks for the comments – Jeff

  12. I love nice watches and having a few on hand for variety to wear on different occasions. You have certainly listed some nice men’s watches here. I’m not usually a fan of Fossil watches, but I quite like the FS4745, and it’s a bargain price too. Which one is your favourite? Which watch do you recommend as being the most reliable?

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