Skagen Watches for Men

I have a couple Skagen watches that I bought a few years ago – and I decided to take a look at some of the new Skagen watches for men that are on the market and make some recommendations for you to check out.

Here are pictures of the watches that I have by Skagen (anyone else wondering how to pronounce Skagen?)

Skagen 105LTXSkagen 433LSLB

The first one was purchased in Disney World – they must have had a deal to put Mickey on the watches – I don’t think they are available anymore – but I do remember the same model was available without Mickey Mouse on it – it is Skagen model number 105LTX.

The other one is a black dress watch with a leather band.  This watch is very thin and the face is a clean and simple design with small dial for the second hand in red.  This one is Skagen model number 433LSLB.

Current Watches

Taking a look at the Skagen watches for men that are currently available – I discovered a few that I really like and would recommend buying if you’re in the market – I’m thinking of purchasing one of these for myself.  While doing some research I also found out that Skagen was purchased by Fossil in April 2012 – and they also now sell handbags, jewelry and personal goods – in addition to watches.

OK – on to the watches.

The first one is the Skagen Ancher SKW6162 – see a stock picture below.



On this watch I like the blue numbers on the slightly textured silver face – the clean black hands, with blue second hand.  The simplicity of the silver case – how it extends into the band – and the perforated dark blue leather band looks great.  Perforated leather is something that makes the watch stand out – – it reminds me of a nice sports car steering wheel – and elevates the feel of the watch (also costs a lot less than that sports car).  It’s these small details that set off a watch from “just a watch” to something unique.  No one wants “just a watch” so check this one out here.

The next one is the Skagen Ancher SKW6143

Skagen SKW6143

This is a perfect dress watch – you need something to wear with a suit? – this is your watch.  The gold colored case, hands and hour markers all look great against the white face.  The 3 subdials for the chronograph function also add some elegance to this watch.  All of this is set off with the black leather band – this is like a tuxedo for your wrist.  This is a watch that will look great years from now with this classic design.  If you want to have the best dressed wrist around (without spending a ton of money) – click here to get this watch.

The last one is the Skagen Balder Titanium Chronograph SKW6076

Skagen SKW6076

The all around watch – this one works with a suit – or jeans – basically anything.  If you want one great watch to wear all the time – this is the one to get.  It is titanium – so it’s very light – you will be surprised at it’s weight compared to a stainless steel watch.  This watch will be durable – with the metal band vs. a leather band it will hold up much better to everyday wear and tear.  One of my favorite features of this watch is the little bit of orange around the face, in the sub dial and on the second hand.  This small detail sets the watch apart from “just another watch” to “That’s a nice watch!”.  If you want a watch that goes with everything – go here and get one now.

In addition the the watches above – check out the Shop – to see these watches and a few other Skagen watches I think you will like.

Please comment below if you have any questions or need help choosing a great watch.



  1. Nice Watches and great review.
    I like the last one (The all around watch).
    but I have two questions for you :
    First : Is it practicable for all time use ?
    Second : How strong is its glass ? (Can it resist clashes with walls or other things ?)

    • This is definitely a watch that is practical for everyday wear. One thing to also note is that it is water resistant to 50 meters. The glass is a mineral crystal which is resistant to breakage.

  2. Hi there,

    Nice watches, I’ve personally never heard of the brand Skagen. Where do they come from?
    They look very stylish, especially the last one, and I’ve noticed that the price tag is not that bad either! I’m due for a new watch so I’m gonna look in to this.

    Thanks for the review!


    • Thanks for checking out my site. The Skagen brand is from Denmark and was founded in 1989. They are definitely reasonably priced – and I think they look like something much more expensive.

  3. Will share this post on facebook when I get home. On my iPhone at the moment. Great post.

    • Thanks – I’m glad you like the post. Please share and keep checking back for more reviews in the future. I hope you find a watch that you like.

  4. Hi Jeff, I have to admit that this is the first time I have seen a Skagen brand watch. May I know where is it from? These Skagen watches definitely look very cool to me, especially the one that has the Mickey mouse face, simply awesome I must say. With regards to the current models, yeah, still looks so cool as well and the Skagen Balder Titanium Chronograph SKW6076, what can I say, so stunning yet still modernly classic!

    • The Skagen brand is from Denmark. According to the website – Skagen is actually a seaside village in Denmark. These are very nice watches – yes I like the Mickey Mouse one – unfortunately you’d have to search the secondary market – like Ebay – for that one. I like the Skagen Balder Titanium Chronograph SKW6076 also – you should really check it out. Thanks for reading – and come back for more reviews.


  5. Which of these is the lightest and least bulky? My husband isn’t a watch lover if it slides around and gets in the way. But he always wants to look nice and is continually asking for the time. I don’t want it to be so light or thin that it feels cheap though, you know?

    • All of these watches are thin and not bulky at all. One comment I saw a lot was how well these watches sit under the cuff of a shirt. These are not cheap feeling watches because of the materials used and the attention to details. I think any of these Skagen watches would be a good choice – depending on personal preference.

      Thanks for checking out my review.


  6. Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for your review on Skagen watches. I owned one years back, don’t remember the model, but I never knew I’d been pronouncing ‘Skagen’ wrong all along. Thanks for the update on that. I was curious if a Mickey Mouse 105LTX would have any sort of collector value? You’d mentioned they weren’t available any more. Do you know when they discontinued that?

    • Thanks for checking out my site. I don’t know how much collector value the Mickey Mouse one may have – I’ve seen a few come up on Ebay – but I don’t think they were really expensive. It’s probably been about 5 years since they stopped making it – maybe they will do something again in the future.

      Thanks- Jeff

  7. It seems skagen uses a very stream line simple sophisticated look for there watches according to what you are showing here.

    I’ve never seen or heard of the watches before but they are a very nice looking watch. For myself I find some of your other posts have had more of my style watch but I always look forward to seeing the different designs you display on your posts.

    • Thanks for the comments and checking out my site. Keep coming back for more reviews.


  8. These Skaken watches really look nice. I am not such a huge fan of digital watches and I am still a bit old fashioned when it comes to watches.

    The SKW6162 watch is my favourite one and I also like the simplicity of it. How much does this watch cost as I would like to buy one for Christmas?

  9. Hi Jeff,

    Great watches, I think I like Titanium Chronograph the best, as you say the metal strap holds up better to wear and tear. I like the fact that there’s a little orange colour’s adding to it. I’m not usually so keen on Disney or any novelty accessories but this particular Micky one looks really nice – it’s a shame it’s no longer available.

    Thanks again for great watch reviews.

  10. I myself have a watch addiction.
    The watches are great and the reviews are greater!
    Not too much writing (which is good) and there is a whole of easily understandable content within the small descriptions.
    The watches themselves look superb and I’m glad you pointed out the different occasions for different watches.

    Great Page!

    Keep Up the Great Work! :)

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