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The Shinola watch company started in 2013 and is based in Detroit, Michigan.  It is a brand that takes pride building their products in the USA – and specifically bringing manufacturing back to Detroit afters years of decline.  I think that they have great, classic watch designs using quality materials and manufacturing methods.  Keep reading to learn about the company and the variety of Shinola watches for sale.

The company has a partnership with the College for Creative Studies in Detroit – the factory is actually located in the college.  This allows for collaboration between the company and students and drives the creativity within the company.  They are also partners with a Swiss watch making company – Ronda Ltd.  Through the partnership with Ronda they learned the manufacturing processes from a leader in watch movement manufacturing.  What this means for the consumer is that you’ll get a watch driven by very passionate and creative people – with the precision of Swiss watch making – built in the United States, and at a cost much less than a Swiss watch.

Some research shows that they worked to make each part of the watch to be the highest quality.  Sapphire crystals, hand made leather straps – they scrutinized the details and it really shows in the final product.

The model I want to talk about today is the Runwell Chrono 47mm – model # S0100051.  Click any of the pictures to find out more and purchase.

Shinola Runwell Chrono 47mm – MSRP $750

Shinola Runwell Chronograph Shinola Runwell Chronograph Shinola Runwell Chronograph


  • Case Size – 47mm
  • Movement Type – Argonite 5021 Chronograph Movement
  • Dial Color – Black
  • Band Type – Leather
  • Band Width – 24mm
  • Case Material – Stainless Steel
  • Depth Rating – 10 ATM
  • Crystal – Double Curve Sapphire

This is a great looking watch that will be a classic you’ll wear for years to come.  The black face with white numbers and markings is set off with the use of orange on the sub dials and large second hand.  Did you notice the date window?  There it is – right above 6 o’clock – another detail that sets this watch apart.  You can find this watch in some other colors on their website – but I feel that this one in all black is definitely the one to get.

If you like this watch – click here to go get one for yourself – you won’t be disappointed.

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  1. I have never heard of the Shinola Watch Company but enjoyed learning about them from your article. It’s also good to know that there is an effort to bring quality design and manufacturing back to Detroit.

    The Shinola Runwell Chrono is absolutely beautiful. You can definitely tell the impressive quality from the images. It looks like a watch that will not only last a lifetime but can be handed down to the next generation and become a family heirloom.

    • I agree that the Shinola watches are definitely heirloom quality – and when you think about it that way the price is really reasonable. A watch like this from one of the large luxury brands would be thousands of dollars. Bringing manufacturing back to Detroit is also a great thing to support. Thanks for checking out my site and come back in the future for more reviews.


  2. I have been noticing a trend for watch makers to produce a more classic look and feel for some of there watches lately. It almost appears the watch companies believe the market is coming full circle in design for how people want there watches to look.

    Its great that this company being new in 2013 is mentored by the swiss watch makers in following there lead in quality. Collaborating with the students in design and function from the college is a really good way to stay on top for the shinola watch design as well.

    • Yes – the Shinola watches are really well made and classic designs. Thanks fro checking out my site and come back for more reviews in the future.

      Thanks- Jeff

  3. Shinola are a make that I know nothing about Jeff, but your article gave me some insight into the company, who by the way seem to be serious about their watches.

    The watch you feature in this post is a great looking watch and I like the date window above the six, something a little different. Looks like a quality watch, will continue reading more, thanks.


    • The Shinola company is definitely serious about watches and design. Keep checking back for more reviews of interesting watches.

      Thanks- Jeff

  4. Hi there!

    Those Shinola watch looks really classy. That kind of classy watches are what I am looking for. I love the colour scheme of the Shinola Runwell Chrono, though th face of the watch might be too big for my waist. I assume the watches are for men? Are there any for the ladies?

    • This is a men’s watch – I actually had someone comment on one of my other posts that she buys men’s watches to wear. So you could try this one any see if you like it – but Shinola also sells women’s models also.

      Thanks for the comments – Jeff

  5. Thanks for your post. I must admit when I was a kid I was in love with watches. I always wore those big Ninja turtle watches with the shell you pull up and tell time. Lol. As I grew older though I kind of stopped wearing watches. However, my girlfriend is in love with watches and bought me a few for birthdays and special occassions. I have a Diesel Watch and a Nixon Watch. They are pretty good but too sporty. The Shinola watches look simple but elegant enough to get attention.
    I guess for watches compared to other brands they are not so expensive. Maybe for my next birthday if my girlfriend asks me about watches I will tell her about this brand. Thanks for the post!

    • Thanks for the comments and checking out my site. The Shinola watches are very nice – and would be a great birthday gift.


  6. Very nice website!! You are definitely very knowledgeable about watches. You offer very beautiful watches for very decent prices. Are you geared more towards men’s watches or are you looking to add more feminine watches in the future? Wishing I could meet the designer behind such a knowledgeable website, are you looking to putting more information about yourself/photo at any point?

    • Thanks for the comments – I’ve focused mostly on men’s watches – but I’m thinking about adding some reviews of women’s watches in the future. I’m not sure how much other info to share about myself – other than I enjoy watches. The small picture next to my comments is a picture of me – maybe I could write about my own watch collection in the future.

      Thanks -Jeff

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