Seiko Solar Watch

The Seiko Solar watch is recharged by light – no battery changes required.  This is an interesting feature for those who are concerned about the environment – do you have an electric car?  Then you should check out a solar watch.  Yes – a watch battery is very small and recycling it is probably a very small impact.  But – if more and more products – like this Seiko Solar watch – start to use light as a power source – fewer batteries are produced and there is less environmental impact.  So this becomes a small step toward improving the environment.

One of the questions you may have about the Seiko Solar watch is how does it get charged and will the charge last?  First, the watch is charged by all types of light – not just sunlight.  It will charge itself in one minute to start running and have a full charge in 3 hours.  The watch will hold its charge for at least 6 months if not exposed to light – that’s pretty impressive.

Now- all this talk about Solar power – but is it a nice looking watch?  Check out this model below and click picture for info.

Seiko Solar SSC081 – MSRP $395

Seiko Solar SSC081Seiko Solar SSC081


  • Case Diameter 42mm
  • Leather band –  width 20mm
  • Stainless Steel case
  • Water Resistance 330 ft (100 m)
  • Rotating bezel to set compass direction
  • Quartz Chronograph movement with Alarm

This is a good looking watch – and there’s nothing unusual about the face.  Sometimes the alternate charging method – charged by light – causes the face to look different – but not on this watch.  It’s a very nice looking chronograph – the black dial and brown leather combination goes well together.  Notice the second crown around the 10 o’clock position?  That allows you to rotate the compass bezel and orient it to the direction you’re travelling – very cool feature for camping or hiking.  This watch is part of the Prospex series of Seiko watches made for Adventure sports – so they’ve added features like this – in conjunction with the solar power capability.

I like this watch a lot – it has some great features – and you don’t have to go out on an adventure to wear it – it will look just fine in the office.  If you want to go get one for yourself – it’s about $150 – click here.

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  1. Wow its great that the watch can get recharged by light!and as you said its great for the environment. I’ve never heard about that type of watch before. It’s reassuring that it can also be recharged by many different lights as well as sunlight. That is very good and efficient. On top of it being environmentally friendly its also very nice looking! Thank you for your great review!

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