Seiko SKX007 & SKX009 Automatic Diver

The Seiko SKX007 and SKX009 Automatic Diver watches are legendary among watch enthusiasts.  It is a design that traces its roots back to a watch from the 1960’s – it is classic looking, rugged and functional – rated for scuba diving to 660 ft (200 meters).  Check out the pictures below

  • The SKX007 has the black face and bezel
  • The SKX009 has a blue face with red and blue bezel

Seiko SKX007Seiko SKX009

If you spend any time at all in some watch forums – you’ll end up seeing someone talking about these watches.  The SKX009 will also be referred to as the “Pepsi” watch – because of the red and blue bezel matching the Pepsi logo colors.  I think these are the tuner cars of the watch world – people make tons of modifications  – new bands, dials, bezels, etc. – all to set their watch apart.  The reason this happens is that this is such a solid watch – people keep them a long time – wear them a lot – and just keep changing it up to keep things interesting.

This watch has a ton of serious features for under $200:

  • Automatic movement
  • Rotating Bezel
  • Day and Date window
  • Certified Dive capability
  • Bright Luminous (Glow in the dark) Hands and Markers

What I’ve also discovered is that watch collectors who own all the super expensive, high end brands (think of your favorite here) – they buy this watch for their everyday use.  Think about that – the guy to which money is no object – enjoys and owns high end watches – buys this Seiko to use everyday.  To me that’s a huge endorsement – and also tells me that any beginning watch collector – or someone who just wants a nice watch – needs to order one of these today – now go get one – here – I’ll take a Pepsi.

Update: If you’re looking for this watch in a slightly smaller size check out the Seiko SKX013.  This is a 37mm diameter case vs. 42mm diameter case for the SKX007/009.  Could be perfect to get a matching watch for your wife or girlfriend.



  1. Hi there Jeff,

    I used to sell watches at a jewelry store and I really came to like the Seiko brand. They aren’t overly expensive in comparison with high class watches, usually running in the $300 range and they last forever. I’ve heard the quality has been going down over the years with Seiko though. Is that true? Do you still recommend them for watches?


    • Thanks for the comment. As far as the quality question – I think there are some really standout models – like the one above. I’ve also purchased a couple different Seiko models as gifts recently – and was impressed with the quality. I think it’s all about selecting the right one and that’s how I’m trying to help people to select the right watch and not spend money to get something generic. Yes – I would recommend Seiko – but always look for reviews or recommendations if you’re not shopping in person.

  2. Nice watch – I love the retro look to it :) Perfect for the water sports enthusiast, especially since you don’t have to take it off and leave it while getting into the pool or surfing etc. It’s a nice sturdy design and I like the choice between the black and the Pepsi. The Amazon price cuts at the minute are fantastic too!! One thing – is there a ladies version of this watch…?

    • There is a smaller version of this watch – it’s not categorized as a women’s model – but people are purchasing them for that purpose – or anyone who wants a smaller watch – it’s model number SKX013. I believe it’s only available in black.

  3. Hi Jeff – Really like your post on the Seiko SKX007. I am not a watch person. For some reason i don’t like wearing them – probably because I loose or break them. The one watch that i did possess was a Seiko Lassal. However as is my want I ended up losing it.

    Good informative post


    • Well since you lost the last one – you should think about picking up a new one – this would be a good choice.

  4. These days less and less people wear watches since they all have cell phones. But I like to keep my phone in my purse and I don’t generally accept calls when I’m out and about. So I still like to wear a watch. Seiko has a really good reputation and is a good quality watch. I am considering buying the skx013. Thanks for this review.

    • I think you will like the SKX013 – I also like to wear a watch even though my phone has the time on it.

  5. Hello Jeff , very nice and simple and to the point website
    i am so into watches and i like how you summarized the products specially aviator ones
    also descriptions on every item is well presented
    maybe just one comment from my side , i hope you can add more to the collection

    • Thanks for the comments. I plan to keep adding more reviews and information – be sure to bookmark the site and keep coming back. Thanks – Jeff

  6. Hi Jeff,
    Cell phones are nice but aren’t always accessible, so I prefer to wear a watch. I used to only wear Elgin, but these Seiko look really nice and the price is in the same general price range. It sounds like they have more features and I’ve noticed of late my pacemaker seems to kill the functionality of my Elgin over a short period of time. I know it’s an odd question but do you know how these hold up with a pacemaker?

    • That is an unusual question but these shouldn’t give you any issues – because they are a mechanical movement. That means there’s no battery – no electrical signal – to interfere with a pacemaker. Specifically for that reason this watch would be a great choice. Thanks for the comments – let me know if you have any other questions.


  7. I like the seiko brand of watch. Very elegant and yet affordable. I thought that the content of your page was well laid out and flowed with continuity. I really liked how you made your product available on both eBay and amazon. I am an amazon person myself. Do you offer women’s models or just men’s?

    • Thanks for the comments and I’m glad you like the site. I’m currently focusing mostly on men’s watches but I have recommended a couple women’s watches in reviews. If there is a demand I will write some reviews on women’s watches in the future. I mention a women’s option in my latest review on the Swatch Sistem51 – A Mechanical Watch for the masses

      Thanks -Jeff

  8. The SKX007 is worth every penny you pay for it, an ISO 6425 – certified dive watch which costs you less than $200. Moreover, Seiko’s craftmanship is No.1 in affordable price ranges

    • Brian,

      Thanks for the comments – and checking out my site. I agree the SKX007 is a great watch and I highly recommend it for someone who needs a true dive watch – and for someone who just wants a good quality watch to wear.


  9. Hi Jeff this watch is real quality and although I have not considered Seiko before I could buy this for my husband no problem. My husband is a fan of watches and I may direct him to your site as I’m sure he may buy. I find your site very insightful and delightful to read.


    • I’m glad you enjoyed the site – these Seiko models are very nice and I think your husband would really like one. Also – send him a link to the website so he can check out all of my reviews.

      Thanks- Jeff

  10. Ok I’m gonna have to have a SKX013. I’m all for a stainless steel watch a black face on it. It’s says it’s for boys, but I believe this would be a great watch for a lady. I would wear it everyday. I mean you get a nice watch for a really good price. Thanks for mentioning this watch within your posts. If you can’t tell I love watches.

    • I agree – the SKX013 is really nice and there are a lot of people talking in different watch forums that it is the perfect size for a woman to wear. I’m glad you liked the review – and if you love watches – keep coming back to read more reviews.

      Thanks- Jeff

  11. Hi Jeff,

    I like your approach when doing watch reviews. Like this Seiko one leaves one with the notion of ordering for one, just for feeling nice wearing something good. Are there other brands of the same range, too? Some people like leather straps more. Are such available? Maybe you could mention more on features of the Seiko SKX009/007?

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the review. Please check out the rest of my reviews for a variety of other watch styles – including some with leather bands – click here to see all the other reviews thatsanicewatch.com

      Thanks – Jeff

  12. I love the “Pepsi” model. I have always been drawn to the Seiko watches because everyone I ever bought one for loves them. The price is reasonable too. I like that they can go in the water also. My husband helps with watering the plants and lovingly doing the dishes. This is a great review of the product, good job!

  13. hey jeff this watches are stunning tog even though i use to be wearing watches before when i have compared this seiko watches i have found it more attractive and honestly i’m willing to order one for myself

    thanks for the information provided and please keep me updated with any other information again



  14. I have always had a huge interest in watches and a few years ago I owned a lot of Seiko watches. So when I saw this article my interest was in few seconds huge because of a big flashback.
    I see the watches have changed a lot and this model you talk about here, the Seiko SKX007 and SKX009 looks great. I like to the bright Luminous because it´s incredible many times you need to see the time. For example in cinema etc.
    But, and I know it is waterproof, is it for long-term thinking ok for the bezel to use it in the swimming pools?

    • Thanks for the comments.  Yes – I think this watch would hold up well in a swimming pool and salt water.

    • That’s awesome – and proof that these watches will last a long time. My Seiko 5 is going on about 10 years – so I’ve got a long way to catch up to you.
      Thanks -Jeff

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