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This is the watch I wear the most – It’s a Seiko SNK809K – here’s a stock picture.  The dial is an aviator style with a black background.


The watch has an automatic movement (which means no battery required) and will run for a day or two if not worn.  It has a day/date window and a glass back to see all the inner workings.  This model has a metal band – which I prefer for an everyday watch – I just think it handles the wear and tear better than leather, rubber or canvas.

Here’s a picture of it on my wrist as I’m typing this:


I think this is a good size for an everyday watch – it’s easy to read and comfortable.  The crown is offset around the 4 o’clock position – and it is low profile which makes it more comfortable.  The stainless steel is a matte finish all over and I don’t know if it shows up in the pictures but the watch shows some scratches from use – but being a few years old – it has held up very well to the amount use it has seen.

See Through Back!

See Through Back!










Some wear and tear

Some wear and tear

This is really a go to watch that I wear a lot – and one of the best features is the price – it is under $100.  A Seiko automatic watch, in all stainless steel at a price where you’re not afraid to wear it everyday is definitely a nice watch.

You can check out this specific watch here: Seiko Men’s SNK809K Automatic Stainless Steel Watch

Another feature I like about this Seiko watch is that it comes in a variety of colors – see the pictures below and click each one for information.





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  1. Hey Jeff, that’s a nice and very clean looking watch! I gotta tell you, I love quality watches. And by that I don’t mean crazy unaffordable watches like Patek Philippe. But you know, watches that are built well without costing a house. Seiko is a very affordable brand who make high-quality watches. Now, my daily watch is a Tag Heuer Aquaracer (WAN2110), but I love the looks and style of the Seiko SKX009K2 Diver’s Automatic! Enjoy your watch and wear it in good health!

    • Thanks for the comment – I definitely think it’s more fun and interesting to find a unique watch that’s less expensive – it’s like a treasure hunt. If you haven’t seen them before – check out Christopher Ward watches – they are sold online only – very high quality and reasonably priced for what they are

  2. This Seiko looks really nice. When you say no battery is used and has an automatic movement, do you mean that the Seiko watch gets its energy from kinetic movement? Is it the same like the watch from the 2000s call the Seiko Kinetic? Nevertheless, the watch looks really good with a timeless design, and from look of it, it is quite robust ya. I have been using cheap Casio digital watch for a while, but after reading your review here, maybe it is time for a change of taste ;-)

    • Good questions. The automatic movement is mechanical – there’s a small weight that moves inside as you move your wrist – you can hear and see it on this watch – that winds a spring to run the watch. The Seiko Kinetics are similar – there’s a weight that moves – but the system also has an electrical circuit to store some power. The kinetics would run for I think 15-30 days on a full charge. This automatic watch will stop after a day or two of not wearing it. You should check it out. Thanks – Jeff

  3. I reality enjoyed this post as you laid out some very quality every day watches that many people should consider. I’m personally a big fan of seiko watches as they are more every day than most in my opinion. I hope to read more article like this one in the near future :)

    • I think Seiko has some great watches – and variety – so that everyone can find something that they like. Thanks for checking out my site. I plan to write some more reviews this week – so check back to read more.


  4. Jeff,loved this page with its fabulous title.
    Language throughout is very clear and concise and the photos of the watches are also very sharp.
    I also thought the click on each watch is very clever so if you like the look of a particular watch,you get the detail straight away without any searching about..
    Finishing with your photo and a link beside it to your posts is very effective also.
    Great .

    • Thanks for the comments – I’m glad you enjoyed checking out the site. The feedback on the picture links was helpful – I’ve been wondering how that was being received. Keep checking back for more reviews.


  5. For myself I do not wear any watches but if I did I really like the idea of having inter-changeable straps. Depending on where your going you can choose different colors.
    When I use to wear watches I found the straps use to brake so depending on which method you change the straps on the watch your displaying, if you brake one use another by changing the pins.
    Love the concept.

  6. Hi Jeff,

    I used to work selling jewelry and I love watches. This looks like a great watch to wear on a normal day. One you don’t have to worry too much about getting scratched up or damaged. Thanks for giving such a solid review on the watch. I’ll have to get one for myself at some point.


    • Thanks for the comments. Yes – this is a great watch for everyday – it looks good, is inexpensive and doesn’t need a battery. You basically just need to buy it and wear it – and not worry about. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with this watch – I hope you purchase one and enjoy it.

      Thanks- Jeff

  7. Thx for sharing your true passion for watches and to show models of it. it had been at least 20 yrs i dont wear one because the cell phone has that market now and I am happy to see they still exist because is a part of history and is also a trends in fashion it bring that retro look when the yolo people dont want to wet their phone while surfing

    • Thanks for the comments – I think a watch has become more like jewelry or a personality choice instead of a necessity – but there’s a huge market out there. Take a look at some of my other reviews and choose one that you really like.

      Thanks – Jeff

  8. Hey there Jeff , these watches are very elegant.I used to have a Seiko as a teenager , present of my grandma , I was so happy that day.

    Under $100?…Really?..Amazon set it to $71 without shipping and I can’t believe it is made in USA.

    I want that as a gift for my best man.Let’s hope they ship to Greece because sometimes Amazon com is not sending packages to my country.But there is Amazon UK too.

    Thank you for this overview.I will be coming for more , good job.

    • Thanks for the comments – this is a great watch at a great price. I’m wearing mine today.


  9. That’s a pretty sick watch! Right now I’m rocking a gold Armani band! I’m not going to lie, I’ve never been a huge fan of seiko because they seem a little too basic, but I know that that would be the perfict fit for some!

    Thanks for this, I’m a watch lover myself so I love seeing others that are too!

    Matt TheDopestMatrix

  10. Hi Jeff,
    Nice Seiko watch review. The fact that I like mechanical watches that are auto made me enjoy the post even more. I like the taste displayed especially with all those features you’ve described.
    I didn’t think a cream white canvas strap would look so nice on a stainless steel piece.
    Nice review!

  11. The Seiko SNK809K looks like a fine choice if you ask me.

    Very classy and elegant and seems to me it can compliment any outfit whether casual or more formal.

    Perfect choice for a gift as well.

    I’ll bookmark this page and come back when i am ready for a purchase. Thanks for reviewing it Jeff!

    • I’m glad you found something that you like – keep checking back as I add more reviews.


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