How to Change a Watch Band

A watch band is one of the easiest ways to customize the look of your watch.  It is very much like changing the wheels on your car – it allows you to personalize and customize the look to suit your own taste.  There are also functional reasons you may need to change your watch band – maybe you need a larger band, the leather band is worn out – or you have a metal bracelet type watch band and need to remove a link for it to fit properly.  This article will show you the resources to learn how to change and adjust your own watch band.

What I’m going to recommend today is a website that has step by step instructions on how to change and adjust your watch band – and they also have the tools that you might need right on the website.

The website is – esslinger.com

They have a lot of great information where you can learn everything there is to know about watches.

The one I want to focus on is their Watch Band Replacement and Repair Guide


On this site they have step by step instructions – click on the link for each one to read the article and see the videos.

  1. Measuring a Watch Band – this article will show you how to determine what size (width) band will fit your watch – this way when you’re shopping you know what size to buy.
  2. Changing a Watch Band – this article shows you how to actually remove the watch band and what tools you need.  The article talks about all different types of bands – leather, metal, rubber and nylon.  If you specifically want to know how to install a NATO type strap – click here.
  3. Adjusting the Size of a Watch Band – this article shows you how to remove a link from your metal bracelet type watch band.  It describes all the different types of links and how to remove them – and it tells you what tools are required.

I hope this article helps some of you learn how to change or adjust your watch band.  I learned a lot of this information by trial and error on my own watches in the past – it’s nice to have it all located in one place as a resource.  The esslinger.com website is extremely useful for anyone interested in watches – there is a ton of information available there.

If you’re looking for a watch where you can apply some of these new found watch band replacement skills – check out these reviews:

Daniel Wellington Watches

Invicta Pro Diver – 8926

If you’re interested in checking out all my reviews – click here

If you have any questions or comments – about this article – or watches in general leave a comment below.



  1. Hello!

    Very nice looking website you have here with useful information. Nice shop as well. My brother is very interested in watches and I will save and send him the link so he can see it – I know he will like the site. One question though. I got my old watch and it`s band needs to be repaired. The problem is that the band is metal. Can this be done?

    Great article!

    • Thanks for the comments. As far as the broken metal band – it depends – you may be able to remove the broken link and use it – but it will be shorter. You can always get a replacement band – in metal – or another material and just swap it out. There are a lot of options – I think the links in the article will show you many options that you have.

      Thanks- Jeff

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