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Do you need a dress watch?  Do you need a casual watch?  Then you need a Daniel Wellington watch.  How can one watch do both?  It’s a simple and classic design by Daniel Wellington watches.  Do you also want to express a little of your personality with your watch?  Then you also need to check out Daniel Wellington.

Let’s start with a couple pictures (click on the picture for more info – or to purchase).

Daniel Wellington Classic Glasgow 40 mm – MSRP $195

Daniel Wellington Glasgow 40mm

 Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield 40 mm – MSRP $229

Daniel Wellington Sheffield 40mm


I’ve added pictures of my favorites – I like the silver with the simple blue and white nylon strap – and you can easily switch the band out to black leather.  This is the genius of this watch – it’s such a simple case, face, hands and markers – that it easily transitions to a different look with different bands or finishes.

There are two metal finishes available – see below.


Daniel Wellington Rose Gold

Daniel Wellington Rose Gold


Daniel Wellington Silver

Daniel Wellington Silver

Depending on you preference you can choose a Rose Gold finish or a Silver finish.  I personally prefer the silver finish – but the rose gold is very nice as well.  The finish of the buckle on the nylon “NATO style” straps and the leather straps will match the watch finish.  This is something important to note if you’re going to buy additional straps to change – make sure you buy the correct metal finish on the strap to match your watch.

If you want to see more of the Daniel Wellington watches on the market – and are ready to buy (at below MSRP) – click here.

The other color option to choose – is the nylon strap color or leather band color.  There are lots of combinations available to mix and match and find the perfect watch for you.  Check out some of the different watch bands available here.

If you need a how to on changing your watch band – click on this article – How to Change a Watch Band.

If you’re interested in some other similar style dress watches – check out my review on Skagen Watches for Men.

Leave any questions or comments below – enjoy the search for your new watch.



  1. Nice looking site. Very easy to read, and informative. You also make good use of the links to buy a watch. Since smartphones have been in such common use today, everyone has a way to tell what time it is. However, the same could be said for a camera. People use their smartphone for a camera, rather than carry a full size camera around all the time. I like the fact that you infer that a watch is a fashion statement. I have a Fossil watch that I bought, but did not think that it was “necessary” since I carry my phone with me all the time. But I do like the looks of it, even though I may not use it to tell what time it is. If you think about it, it is much easier to just raise your wrist to see what time it is, rather than dig your cellphone out of your pocket. Duh.

    • Thanks for the comments – yes – I believe watches have become much less necessity and more as an accessory. What that means is that the people that are passionate about watches – seek out the interesting and unusual – but that doesn’t have to mean expensive. I like that you mentioned cameras – yes – your phone has a camera – but someone passionate about photography buys a special purpose camera. If you’re passionate about watches – it’s not about just knowing what time it is – it’s something that you like to wear and care about how it looks and feels when you wear it.



  2. Hi
    Nice site. I love watches and I must, shamefully, admit I have never heard of Daniel Wellington as a brand. Although I have now. Do they have a range of varying sizes or are they all very similar to the face you presented. I must say its a very elegant and sleek looking model, but having fat wrists (lol) I tend to go for the larger and chunkier models. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for introducing me to this range

    • Jason,

      I’m glad that I was able to introduce you to a new brand of watches. They have 3 sizes 36, 38 and 40 mm diameter faces. They are similar in look – some minor variations – but that’s their design – the white face with minimal markings. Their latest watch is the Daniel Wellington Dapper – it has blue hands and a date window. It’s currently sold out on the site. Keep checking back for more reviews.



  3. Hi Jeff,

    Nice watches! Site layout is simple but very efficient. Browsing is easy and fun.

    I love the Torgoen watches. They look so elegant and the data you gave suggest they are very tough.

    I would love to see a review about Rolex, Rado and Tissot.

    Thanks for sharing these information about watches.

    • Thanks for visiting and the comments. I will be adding more reviews so keep checking back. The concept of my site is to help people choose interesting watches that don’t cost a ton of money – so I won’t be reviewing luxury watches – like Rolex – unless there is a big demand for that information. I’m sticking to mid range brands and lesser known manufacturers to help others choose their perfect watch.


  4. Hi Jeff,

    I like the way you put up your site. The site is only about watches. Anyone who needs any kind of watch can find them here.

    Your site has also simplified the process of purchasing a watch. One has an idea of the watch before they purchase.

    The Sky is the Limit,

    • Thanks for the comments Anthony. I’m glad you liked the site – be sure to check back for some more reviews in the future.


  5. Really nice, you really know your stuff, I checked your page and its looking good, also your site and I willl be coming back, to see your latest posts, keep up the good work and remember that the content is the best you can make for people to find your website just like I did.

    • Thanks for the comments – I’m glad you like the site and definitely keep coming back for more reviews


  6. I love the look of a good watch. My favorite style is the classically elegant look, with a proper analogue face, hands and minutes – much nicer to see than any digital display. The silver is a nice contrast to the darker strap, too – this is a watch well worth considering, it will look great on my wrist!

    • Thanks for checking out my site and I’m glad you found a watch that you like.


  7. Thank you so much for your post. Your post is highly insightful and informative. I have been looking for ages for a good watch to keep up with the time. Your post has answered all of my questions. Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield 40 mm seems really good and has many advanced features. Again, Thank you

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