Christopher Ward Chronograph

Today I want to talk about one of my newest watches – it’s from Christopher Ward – and it’s the C3 Malvern Chronograph MKII – C3SBS-MK2.


A lot of you reading this may be saying – “Christopher Ward?  I’ve never heard of that brand before” – to which I would say if you like men’s wristwatches – you need to check out the website here.  Christopher Ward is an English watch company that started in 2004 and sells on the internet direct to customers.  All of their watches are made in Switzerland.  I plan to write more about Christopher Ward in depth – I have 3 of their watches – but for today I’m going to talk about my C3 Malvern Chronograph.

The first thing I noticed about this watch is the quality of the finishes and the weight.  This feels like a substantial watch in your hand – not heavy –  but the weight of quality.  The watch has an overall mixture of brushed and polished finishes – which is easily noticed on the band.  The unique feature on this watch is that the sides of the case are a brushed finished with the bezel and back being polished.  This contrast is very nice and gives the watch a true luxury feel.  The buttons are polished and the actuation feels very crisp. The screw in crown is also polished and has a raised CW logo on the side.


The owner’s manual describing all the features and functions can be found here.

The face of the watch continues the trend of different textures – with the sub dials being inset and having a different texture than the main face.  The color of  the face is a steel blue which shows variation as the light hits it from different angles.  The numbers and markers are all polished metal with a specific arrow indicator for the date window at the 4 o’clock position.

The back of the watch is polished and is held onto the case with small flat head screws.  There’s an etched CW logo in the middle – along with the Swiss Made marking and the Serial Number.  I forgot to mention – each watch gets a unique serial number and they will engrave the back with your own message –  if you wish.


The clasp releases by pushing  the two buttons on the side to open.  The construction of the clasp feels very robust and gives me the impression that it will last a long time.  There is Christopher Ward branding on the inside of the clasp and a CW logo on the outside.

Pricing for this watch is $415 direct from the website.  Yes – that’s expensive – but the quality of this watch matches those that cost 2-4 times more.  If you shop at a retail store/website for a large brand name – there is no way you could touch a watch of this quality for this price.

If you’re interested and check out the website here to see all the Christopher Ward Malvern Chronograph watches – it is available in different face colors (white and black), with a leather band option and also a gold finish case.

I’ve been wearing this watch regularly for the past few months and have had quite a few people comment on it.  So this one definitely lives up to my criteria for “Hey, That’s a nice watch”.




  1. Jeff
    The picture was the first thing that caught my eye and kept me there.. I am not into mens watchs but I had to read your blog post. It was nicely layed outwith great descriptions about the watch. Even if you do not own that watch you made me believe you did. Great links throughout the post as well

    • I’m glad you liked my post – and the picture – which is my own watch on my wrist. I was concerned about my photography skills. I will be totally honest in these reviews when talking about watches that I own vs. recommending a watch that I’ve seen or like. Thanks – Jeff

  2. Well I have to agree Jeff, that is a nice watch. It looks like quality and I love the blue face and the push button clasp, which I imagine keeps it safe on your wrist. The hands are also very sharp and sleek which I look good.

    I do love watches and have a fair few myself, and for the quality that is displayed with this watch, I think it is very reasonably priced, as you say, it would be hard to find one as good for the same money.

    Thanks for a great review.


    • Thanks for the comments – I have been very impressed with the quality of my Christopher Ward watches – I highly recommend them.

  3. Hello Jeff,
    a Good looking well presented, and informative web site. You promote your watches with a non biased point of view, which gives you credit as you own that watch. The images and links are very good which give you the best information on the product.
    thank you John

    • Thanks for the comments – I’m glad you enjoyed the site and hope you will visit again


  4. You have some really nice watches on your website.

    With all the computers and smart phones and other gadgets these days I’ve got out of the habit of having an actual watch, especially a nice one. I really miss that.

    I looked at the various brands that you promote and the quality and style presented there are excellent. I will return to your site when I am ready to get a new watch.

    What I really want is a good pocket watch. I didn’t see one on your page. Let me know if any of your manufactures have pocket watches.


    • Sounds great – please come back again when you’re ready to shop – I’m sure I’ll have some more reviews for you to check out. As far as pocket watches – I have not seen many in the mainstream marketplace. I would suggest searching Ebay – you may find some great vintage pocket watches. I have an Ebay link on my Shop page – here. Just type in pocket watches and it will take you there.

      Thanks -Jeff

  5. Well it usually takes me at least three attempts to settle on something like a watch ( mainly due to the outlay and cost ) but this immediately took my attention.
    I’m British anyway so maybe that’s why it stood out to me so much?
    Really nice design and very male in setup – a real nice piece

    • Thanks for the comments. Christopher Ward’s watches are really nice – very well made – a little more expensive – but I think they are worth a lot more. I’d definitely suggest picking one up. I’m not British – and I think they are great.

      Thanks for checking out my site – Jeff

  6. Hey! this is really really a great post! the pictures you have added are so nice and suitable! i went through your all pages and posts! your website has given me a lot of information about watches and helped me figure out how to choose one to buy! its very easy to understand! that’s what I’ve been looking for! i have been waiting to check out a website like this and keep it in my mind! so that i could easily be in touch! thanks for sharing this information with me!

    cheers, Hasitha!

    • Thanks for checking out me website and I’m glad you found it useful. My goal is to help people find watches that they really like and understand the different options that are available. I hope you check back in the future to read some more reviews.

      Thanks – Jeff

  7. I have never heard about this brand until I came across your website. The thing that appealed the most to me was the design. The fact that it does not weight much is a huge plus also.

    I love wearing watches myself so keep me updated about new styles from this company.

  8. Nice watch, Jeff. Surely I like its simple design. You made good advertisement to this brand they should appreciate for it!) They seems to me timeless. I have checked and mostly all the watches looks nice and have simple good design.
    Are they quartz? Which warranty they propose?
    Thank you, Zhanna

    • Christopher Ward offers both quartz and mechanical movements. They also offer a 60 month warranty – with 60 days to return and get your money back. I have a few of these watches – they are outstanding quality.

      Thanks- Jeff

  9. man you’re so right… at first I was kinda blowing this off… just some random watch company… Until I started checking out those pictures.. They almost look like Rollies! Awesome! or even maybe a Seiko, but those arnt THAT expensive really, juts the price for a decent watch.

    Looks good though, wouldn’t mind looking into them

    • Thanks for the comments – I own a few Christopher Ward watches and the quality and attention to detail is awesome.


  10. I have to say, I like my watches but have yet to come across Christopher Ward. I see the price point is quite low yet the design and features look like quality craftsmanship.

    I always give watches a weight test. Nice and heavy usually gives an indication of quality.

    Do you know the weight of this watch?

    • I don’t know the exact weight – but the watch definitely has a substantial feel – it is a high quality watch.


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