Aulta Chronograph – The Leeway

So I found an article about a new company in mens wrist watches and discovered this new watch by Aulta Products – their website is Aultasurf.com.  The watch is a Chronograph  – a very simple, classic design – the model is called the Leeway.  Here’s a picture from their website.



The watch looks very nice and comes in some different colors – they are sold only on the website and at the moment a lot of them are sold out – seem to be pretty popular.  You can request an email when they are back in stock.  One of the best features about the watch is the price – it is $105.  It looks like a great watch for that price.  I’m going to keep an eye on the website and probably pick one up once they are back in stock.

Their story talks about how a nice watch shouldn’t have to be expensive to be nice – which is also something I believe in – I will definitely add Aulta to my list of interesting watch companies.

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Stuhrling Original Chronograph 678.01


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  1. I was checking this watch out on their website and I like how the watch does not display the numbers to indicate the time. A truly minimalist design that is simple but yet elegant. Also I like how it is waterproof and that you can bring it along to go swimming, surfing or even diving as it is water-resistant up to 100 metres. With a stainless steel body, there is nothing to worry when it comes to rusting. This is a man’s tell-tale watch suitable for both work and play.

    • I agree this is a nice design and it must be selling well because they are sold out on the website. I keep checking to see if they are back in stock. Thanks for the comments.

  2. Thanks for sharing this information with others. I really like the Aulta watch – but unfortunately it is sold out – I will look at the alternative watch you suggested – that looks like a good option as well.

    • Thanks for checking out my site. The Aulta watch seems really popular – I’m waiting to see if it comes back in stock. They do have a non-chronograph model which looks nice – but the Fossil model is a good substitute.

  3. Hello there !!

    I love the simplicity of your website. Things are a lot easier other websites make you lose control lol

    I myself hold a store online about Hip Hop clothing and accessories and I’ll add some watches on my products.

    Your website is really good, I loved it ! :) I hope to see you soon

    • Thanks for the comments – I hope you check back to read some of my other reviews – maybe it will inspire you to add watches to your website too.


  4. Hello,
    I’m a big watch fan and I really enjoyed discovering a new brand. I never hear of Aultasurf before, but it seems that they have a nice style. I agree on the fact that a watch doesn’t have to be expensive to be nice. Have you heard of wristgame ? They have the same philosophy and i must admit they have some nice watches as well. Continue working hard I would love to read more about watches !

    • Thanks for the comments. I have not heard of wristgame before – but I went and checked it out – very interesting I’ll definitely take a look at that site in the future. Thanks for the info. Keep checking back for more reviews.


  5. That’s true when you say that a nice watch shouldn’t have to be expensive to be nice! I have seen many nice watches that are less than $100, and yet they are very stylist and nice looking!
    The Leeway watch seems to be quite a decent price…$105 is not bad at all!

    • Thanks for checking out my site. Yes – this looks like a great watch for $105 – that’s why it is sold out. I put some additional similar options in the article to check out. I think those would be a good option also. Please check back for more reviews in the future.



  6. Thanks for providing information about Aultasurf. I never heard of Aulta before but their watches look very nice. The Leeway model is very stylish looking. Leeways must be popular because several models are sold out. The site says replenishments will start in mid-September.
    That is good news because this will make a great and affordable Christmas gift.

  7. Hi,
    Awesome post. Again you’ve introduced me to another brand I never heard of.

    Love the look of the Leeway watch. I like Chronograph watches but sometime they look to heavy, almost like they tried putting too much into the design!

    But the Leeway look slimline and classic, so definitely something to check out.

    My thanks

    • Thanks – I’m glad I was able to share some new information with you. The Aulta Leeway is a great looking watch – and a great price. It has been out of stock – but is supposed to be available again soon. Keep checking back for more reviews – and some new brands for you to check out.


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