A Stuhrling Watch men want – the Monaco Chronograph

Today I want to write about Stuhrling watches.  The company has an interesting history – started in 1999 by Henry Fischer.  His goal was to start a watch company that provided quality, luxury type watches at a price that was affordable.  Research was done in Switzerland and it was found that watch prices were inflated by the sponsorships and celebrity endorsements of the large brands.   He set out with the Stuhrling brand – creating quality and affordable watches – and sold 22,386 watches in the first year.  The company continues making these high quality watches and I want to talk about a specific Stuhrling Watch men want – the Monaco Chronograph.

The first thing I noticed is that this watch looks great – and if you’re into watches – it looks like Breitling Navitimer.  Now the Breitling will cost over $6000 – that’s a big price.  The Stuhrling Monaco Chronograph with similar styling and looks can be purchased for under $100.  Take a look at the side by side picture below (click for a better view) – can you justify spending the extra $6000?


Looking at those two side by side – I’d say that Henry Fischer succeeded in his goal of creating affordable luxury watches.

Now – onto the Stuhrling Monaco Chronograph and the different model variations.  Click each picture for more information.

Stuhrling Monaco Chronograph – 669.01- Black Dial with Black Leather Strap  – MSRP $495

Stuhrling Monaco 669.01

This one can be purchased for under $100 – you can’t go wrong with the black on black colors it’s a classic.  If you want this one click here.

Stuhrling Monaco Chronograph – 669.02- Blue Dial with Black Leather Strap  – MSRP $495

Stuhrling Monaco 669.02

This watch sells for about $100 – I love blue watches and this is my favorite out of these models.  If blue is your thing too – click here for this one.

Stuhrling Monaco Chronograph – 669.03- Brown Dial with Brown Leather Strap  – MSRP $495

Stuhrling Monaco 669.03

For under $120 you can have the Monaco Chronograph in brown – this one is a great watch for fall and winter – if this is the one that you have to have – then click here.

Stuhrling Monaco Chronograph – 669.04- Rose Tone Case with Brown Leather Strap  – MSRP $495

Stuhrling Monaco 669.04

You can get this Rose colored version for $130.  The Rose gold color is very popular and I think the rose with black dial and brown leather band looks very good together.  Go get this one here.

Stuhrling Monaco Chronograph – 669.05- Black Case with Black Leather Strap  – MSRP $495

Stuhrling Monaco 669.05

This watch sells for about $130 and looks good in all black with Rose gold colored accents.  If this black model calls out to your dark side click here to get one.

Other than the colors – the specifications are the same for all of these watches and are listed below.


  • Baton-Style Hands with Luminous Fill
  • Applied Arabic Numeral 12 and Applied Stick-Style Markers
  • Polished Shark Teeth Edging Fixed Bezel
  • 3H-9H: 42mm; 6H-12H: 42mm
  • Screw Down Case Back with Stuhrling Wings Logo
  • Krysterna Crystal
  • Screw Down Serrated Crown with Stuhrling S Logo
  • 5 ATM Water Resistant (50 meters/165 feet)
  • Leather Strap (20mm wide)
  • Stainless Steel Tang Buckle with Stuhrling Wings Logo
  • Movement – Japan Chrono VD53

So after reading about the Stuhrling company – and then specifically the Monaco Chronograph – I’m sure you’re ready to get one for yourself – click any of the pictures or links above to get one.  My favorite is here.

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If you have any questions or comments you can leave them for me below.

UPDATE 4/17/17:

I purchased the black leather strap model 669.01 for my brother in law at Christmas time.  I saw him over the weekend – he was wearing it and told me it has become his favorite watch!  If you need a gift – maybe for an upcoming graduation – this would be perfect.




  1. Thanks Jeff for running through these great Stuhrling watches for us. It would definitely be great to have a nice looking watch — I own a couple but I would say they don’t look quite as nice as the ones you show here.

    I’m surprised that those prices are so much lower than the manufacturer’s suggested. Why is there such a large discrepancy?

    • I think the discrepancy in price is due to buying online. If you went to a retail jewelry store and bought this watch you’d be paying much closer to MSRP. What I like to do sometimes is go to a department store or jewelry store to look for the watch in person – but then buy online to get the best price. You can also shop exclusively online with the amount of info and detailed pictures available – it’s up to you. I have consistently found the best pricing – across any brand – by purchasing online.

      Thanks for the comments- Jeff

  2. It is amazing to me still that a watch can cost so much.

    I don’t like to sound too critical, but this is unbelievable to me.

    I enjoyed the side by side pictures of both watches and I did took a long and close look to see if there is anything else the less expensive watch doesn’t have?

    My verdict is NO, not at all.

    Your article opened my eyes once again.

    Thanks you


    • Yes – there are some really expensive watches out there. What I like to do is show how you can get a very nice watch – with even a lot of the same features and style – for a ton less. This Stuhrling is a great example. I’m glad you liked the review. Thanks for the comments.


  3. I like the fact that there watches are cheaper and look exactly like the $6,000 watch. I definitely wouldn’t pay $6,000 for a watch even if I had that kind of money, that price absurd to be honest.

    My favorite is the one the black facing. I like how you’ve provided the pictures for each as well as a link to buy each.

    Great post brother.


    • Thanks for the comments – I’m glad you like the watch – and I agree that the $6000 watch is too expensive. Come back in the future for more reviews.

      Thanks- Jeff

  4. I think chronographs are definitely one type of watch that will never go out of style! It may be difficult to ever improve on the typical, classy design of this watch ,though it certainly beats out the $6000 competition.

    I’ve never been a big fan of expensive watches, to me it’s more of a status symbol, which I don’t require. But you have a fantastic display of some very fine watches on this site overall. I’m a huge fan of that new Timex Linear Chronograph myself.

    Great reviews with awesome graphics that allow a buyer to really sink their eyes into the details before considering a purchase!

    • Thanks for the comments – I’m glad you like the site. Keep checking back for more reviews in the future.

      Thanks- Jeff

  5. hey, Jeff!
    Man, there are some sweet looking watches here and the prices are really decent.
    My question is on the quality.
    How much difference in quality do you think there really is between the 6000 and the 100 watches?
    They sure do look alike. I think the band stitching on the higher priced model is a bit better, bit that is really all I see.
    Love the site!


    • The goal of the Stuhrling company is to make high quality Swiss watches at affordable prices. I will say this about that specific Breitling watch – it has an automatic chronograph movement which is complex and expensive – while the Stuhrling has a quartz chronograph movement – that would be the biggest difference. But – Stuhrling also offers automatic chronograph watches – for around $1000 – which is a great price for that type of watch. So overall Stuhrling is offering Swiss quality watches at very affordable price.

      Thanks- Jeff

  6. Im loving the name of this site. A great review of these watches here and not too expensive too. I think this style of watch is coming back in, my current watch is a little on the formal side so ive been looking for something like this with a bit more casual spin on it.

    • Thanks for checking out my site – and I’m glad you like the name – I thought for a while before deciding on it. There are a lot of great watches available – at really good prices – I’d say you can find any type of style you’d like and get a quality, affordable watch. Check out some of my other reviews for options.

      Thanks- Jeff

  7. The Side by side view of the Breitling Navitimer and the Stuhrling Monaco is quite similar. These Stuhrling Monaco do look well made and expensive.

    I would wear a men’s watch if I liked it. I have no shame. Okay, that Rose Tone Case with Brown Leather Strap is nice.

    The reason why I like to wear men’s watches sometimes is because they are bigger and I want a certain look to what I’m wearing.

    You will be surprised how many woman would wear a men’s watch, Lol. I think some women would buy the watch for their men, but really they purchased it for themselves, Lol. Thanks for the info.

    • I haven’t thought about women buying men’s watches specifically for themselves – so that’s good to know. I’ve reviewed just a few watches that are specifically for women and hope to expand that soon. Yes – the rose color and brown watch is very nice.

      Thanks for the comments – Jeff

  8. I definitely could not see myself spending $6000 for a watch. Now $100 or less, that is a little more like it.

    The most expensive watch I have bought for myself to date is a Fossil Watch that cost about $75 and I have had it for about 8 years now and it still looks new.

    I am curious, though, why the MRSP price for most of the watches say $495 but yet they sell for around $100. Is it just on Amazon, that they sell at such a discount?

    • Yes – usually online you will find watches discounted below MSRP – as opposed to a live jewelry store.

  9. Hello Jeff,

    I really like your website. It looks like you put a lot of effort into your articles!

    To be honest, the Breitling Navitimer looks nicer and higher quality to me. But the Stuhrling Monaco is definitely a cheaper alternative since not everyone can afford a $6000 watch. I think, that I’m gonna get the black one for my friend’s birthday.

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